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newbie doesn't understand the jargon?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matti-san, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Silly question I know but maybe interested in this ride, did it all by myself last weekend and it was fun, my first real ride! :cool:

    Most things I have worked out but can anyone please tell me what "corner mark" is?

    By the way I have joined just waiting for me member number, then I can be cool and have the little Netrider logo :p :p
  2. Corner marking in MRA means, the lead rider points the the rider behind them.

    That person then pulls over on the corner indicates and points to the direction the lead rider has gone.

    Then when Tail end charlie ( TEC ) arrives you join the pack again.

    That way no one gets lost or left behind.

    Edited to add. Not been on a NR ride, so i can't say how they do it.
  3. Corner marking is when one of the bikes behind the ride leader stops at a turnoff marking which direction to go until the rest of the group has gone past - means that if you're on a group ride you never have to worry about knowing which way to go.
  4. Either that or ganging up on Chariman.
  5. Matt, The Ride Leader should explain what he requires from corner markers on the ride he is conducting, before the the group starts the ride. It does vary from one leader to another
  6. Thanks Dave, I will listen I promise