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Newbie desperate for ZZr advice ;)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BEBE, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Hi... Im looking at my first bike :grin: Thought I would go for something a bit cheaper (in the event that we take a dive together!) but I dont really want to buy a dud!
    Its a 94 zzr 250, apparently rebuilt at 40k and is now at 53k. A new clutch was recently put in however now the spark plugs need replacing as they have fouled up and the bike doesnt go at all.
    If it had the rebuild only 13k ago...shouldnt the spark plugs be ok???
    I would appreciate advice as I have no idea!!!

  2. hey baby, welcome to the forum :grin:
    The condition of the plugs may mean that they were not replaced when the rebuild was done. It may also mean that even if they were, the mileage since the rebuild has been far too gentle.....
    Why don't you ask the seller to replace them and see how it goes then? Failing that, there's plenty of good ZZRs around.....

    {psst, probaby good too to edit the thread heading into lower case; caps is frowned upon most places in the 'Net world :wink:}
  3. Hi and welcome.....what Hornet said, plugs are cheap as chips and should be replaced regularly if the bike is mainly a commuter and never gets a real workout. It could also indicate a clogged air filter, another cheap and easy to replace item.
  4. Thanks hornet...

    So I suppose its not really worth looking at then? She won't replace them and will only sel as is. Its only $1900 so I thought it might be a bargain for my needs anywy, but then I flicked through some other postings and saw that people had been down the same road and spent far more than they expected!!!
    The fact that I am in Tassie kinda limits my choices... not too keen on the idea of riding a bike back from the mainland.. Ive only ventured into town once since I got my license!(2 weeks ago :grin: )
  5. Hey bebe, how much are they asking (presuming you haven't bought it yet)?

    A realistic price for a bike like this would be less than $2.8k IMO.

    Sounds dodgy to me, the engine should last a lot longer than 40k km's, obviously it has been neglected, you have to wonder about other parts on the bike. Was it rebuilt or replaced with another engine?

    I think that you're right to question why the plugs need changing, the plugs on a zzr should last at least 25k km's.

    I think you can do better, if you still have your heart set on it, get it checked out by an independant tester, might save you a lot of money down the track.
  6. http://snipurl.com/11435
    Bebe, here's what the bike is going for in the commercial world, unfortunately none in Tassie :cry:
  7. Thanks everybody....
    So what would be a normal amount of k's to need a rebuild?
  8. Too hard, too many variables for a blanket answer. But well-maintained Japanese engines tend to go a long time between drinks. (Two recent unpleasant Kawa engine experiences in Melbourne excepted, of course!)
    As cammo said, the engine SHOULDN'T have needed a rebuild at 40ks, makes you wonder what else may have been similarly neglected.
    The link I posted shows that mid-nineties bikes are selling for a heck of lot more than $2.8......
  9. :oops: I must sack my optometrist :LOL:

    Even a 92 model there is $4800

    Hey delusionL, you need to introduce yourself the the delights of www.snipurl.com :wink:
  10. thanks... I didn't want to say anything hornet ;)
  11. :LOL: Well, you're up to 5 posts now, if you want to you can send me an abusive PM :LOL: :LOL:
  12. haha... no I think I'll let it slide :wink:
    You guys have been a great help!
  13. eep. i bought a zzr with 53,000 km on the clock as my first bike. seemed great at the time. compared to cars 53,000 is nothing! dont get me wrong it was a great bike and just went and went and went. thing is by the time i went to resale the bike had gone from a value of $3000 to $800. and things needed replacing alot. my experience is at that many km's the bike is pretty worn out and could have been owned by anyone and treated any way throughout its life.

    my advise. save your money to either get something with very little kms thats immaculate. or a run around cheap but new bike.

    good luck :)
  14. There's also a '98 model with 18k on the clock for $3k, good buying.

    I think it's fair to say that the bike in question has obviously had a pretty rough life: I wouldn't pay over $2.8k for it.

    I regularly see early-90's zzr250's for sale privately around that figure, bikepoint and bikesales motos tend to be priced in the upper spectrum of the range IMO.

    Local papers, the trading post, and ebay if you dare are much cheaper than the two major websites.
  15. I think I will forget that particular bike...
    Hmmm... what to do????

    Whats the consensus on the Pagsta's?
  16. Bebe, Bebe....you are not allowed to use foul language on netrider..........
  17. Well I'm not going to be too much of a help, a zzr is a great bike to learn on, as I've had mine for about a month and it's great :)

    Other than that I'd say a gpx250 would be a good buy too, other than that I'm not too much of a help
  18. Either are good bikes, nice and reliable, I bought a GPX cos I found one at a brilliant price.