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Newbie craving knowledge!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cipher, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Hello All,

    My name's Jeremy. I'm 22. A little over 3 months ago i got my first motorcycle (an exciting time as i'm sure many of u can relate). I bought a Hyosung GT250R. So far... I'M LOVING IT!!!

    I joined this forum for a few reasons. Primarily to find other bike riders in Adelaide so rides up to hills (or somewhere fun) can be arranged. Secondly, to gain any knowledge i can from experienced bikers in terms of maintenance, modifications, riding techniques, road craft etc...

    I'd like to meet up with anyone who has a sports bike and would like to go for rides every now and then, or just hang out and chat about bikes, any hands on skills that i could learn would be a MASSIVE bonus.

    Thank you all,

    Keep safe! I'll c u on the road! :)

    - Jeremy

    PS: I got told by an experienced rider that you can get away with not using the clutch when you chage UP in gears. I've tried it and it works... especially when i need to move up the gears as quickly and as smoothly as possible. I'm just wondering... does it do any damage to the bike if you DON'T use the clutch or can you get away with it and still maintain a healthy chain etc?
  2. Jeremy, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Netrider. Lots of Netriders in the city of churches, and lots of rides too. Check out the 'Other States' events calender.

    Clutchless gear changing is a frequent hot topic here. There are just as many haters of it as lovers. Me, I've been doing it forever and of all the bikes I've owned, and had any trouble with, gearbox has never been one of them. In my opinion motorcycle gearboxes are designed for clutchless gear changes.

    {Now watch three people come along and disagree with me :LOL:.}
  3. Welcome bud!

    And welcome to your learning curve.

    There's been a thread or "two" about shifting without clutch... have a search.

    If done right though, since the rear is always engaged to the gearbox, it shouldn't do any damage to the gearbox.
  4. The trick is to do it right.
    I'l be learning to use the clutch though then having a play later on.
    You'll never see a postie use a clutch!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. welcome to netrider,

    if i know a road well enough, alot of the time through the twisties i wont use the clutch, 1st to second is a little harder to negotiate but can be done smoothly

    i also do it in my cars well older cars if you can do it right te is no strain on the gear box or drive train in the bike case chain, you are just doing with out the release of the clutch plate disconnecting drive, which will actually result in a longer clutch life
  6. Welcome mate, youre life will change from now on, to include, and if not rotate around motrocycles... Keep safe, and remember the most important thing is youre health, so learn slowly. Hope this site can help you, helped me heaps already!
  7. +1 take your time and remember the purpose is to enjoy.

    Welcome, hope you enjoy the learning and the riding as much as the rest of us.

    Nice2Bnaked - 2 pluses in one days posts -way wierd :shock: . You must be very wise :LOL:
  8. A cassett type bike box is a lot different to cars with syncro rings. Noobs should walk before they run/ride but it can be done :)
  9. welcome to the forums :)

    there's a bunch of adelaide peoples on here - check out the adelaide coffee nights thread and keep an eye out for announcements about rides :)
  10. Isn't the clutch only used for taking off?? :? :? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Hop on ya Hyo Jeremy... Noooooooooooow

  12. Yeah, taking off and clutching into a wheelie - or what I call a wheelie on a 250 anyway... You replace that with a bigger donk, "nice, sexy times, i like, how much?"
  13. Hmmm.... The point of a clutch is to unload the gearbox so you can do this without major dramas.

    Sure, cassette style gearboxes do let you do that clutchless shift (and even down if you know how) but it will cause more wear on the rotary drum and the selector forks than a clutched shift.

    Of course, it does cause less wear on the clutch and potentially the chain as well. Me personally, I think consumables like chains and clutches are there to be consumed.....

    I wouldnt be worried about the occasional clutchless shift, but I certainly wouldnt make it my daily riding habit.

    I've heard of accidents from failed clutchless shifts too - people expecting drive and not getting it. Worth considering that in your decision.

    Welcome to netrider.