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Newbie Couple

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by guye777, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    My wife has been hassling me for 20 years that she wants to get a motorbike, but she made me stop hang gliding after we had the kids, so the deal was always "You get a motorbike, I get a hang glider!". I figured the mortality rates were about the same. :)

    Anyway, I finally capitulated when she insisted she would only get a scooter and ride locally.

    I went along to get my learners permit last week to keep her company - and boy was it fun!

    Now she really does want a bike rather than a scooter. Just to go riding on Sundays! And ofcourse it is more fun with other riders. So I think I'll get a bike too!

    So we are ABSOLUTELY newbies - no bikes, no gear, no idea! Just the will and the learners permits!

    Already been into a few stores, and I've found you bikers are all very encouraging and helpful. John at one Melbourne bike store put me onto Netrider - and I think Netrider looks great!

    I especially like the guide to buying second hand bikes, and also the daily activities and rides - can't wait to get out and join you all!

    So thanks! See you all on the road soon, I hope!

    Guy & Sue.
  2. Hi Guy and Sue

    Welcome from another couple who got their licences later in life.

    Good on you Guy for getting in there and joining in with Sue
    We enjoy the fact that we both love riding and with the kids on the back we can head off on family adventures.

    Hope to see you out there in the future

  3. Hi and welcome to the world of 2 wheels..

    Where abouts you guys from ?? If ya need any help yell out.. :cool:
  4. Thanks Tracey. Thanks Paul.

    I have updated my profile; a bit closer to middle-life than you are Tracey, and located in Rosanna, Vic, Paul.

    Spent two more hours yesterday in bike stores in town, and another hour today in Heidelberg. I can see the addiction growing - and I haven't bought anything yet!
  5. hehe the addiction is the best part :p

    Guy your the same age as Phil going by your profile
    I am the spring chicken in the marriage :LOL:
  6. Hi Tracey. Hey y'all!

    Took the plunge. Ordered two VTR 250s today! Will be ready first week of January! I can't wait! :grin:

    So expect to see some very shiny bikes and shiny gear-clad rookies out with you guys sometime in January!!

    I can't wait! :grin: (Have I said that already?)

    I feel 20 yrs old again!

    I can't wait! :grin:
    congrats on taking the plunge
    looking forward to seeing you out there

  8. HaHa! You rule!!
    They're great bikes.
    Congrats and welcome.
  9. Great stuff, no procrastination, just dive in and buy :applause:
  10. Great to hear.. Congrats on the purchases.. :twisted:
  11. nice one! you won't be dissapointed with the VTR's...

    eventually you'll start wondering why the thottle seems to be a lot shorter to max out than it used to but thats all part of the fun
  12. :grin: hehehe Guy welcome
    like me i too got my license late in life mainly because of fuel prices but im lovin it now and carnt wait for the 12 months to pass
    brings back the memories of 20 plus years ago on a farm in east gippy
  13. a coupla bomb-proof vtr's eh? excellent choice. you will get many hours of joy on those buggers :)
    welcome to NR too, BTW :grin:
  14. awesome stuff :) congrats on the purchase and welcome :p
  15. Thanks for the welcomes and congrats, guys.

    Funnily enough, every second person we speak to now has a story. "I've got my bike license too. Haven't ridden in years." or similar. Many people had bikes and ride but I just didn't know (or care probably).

    My brother used to ride a lot when he was younger. He actually got 'approval' this year to use the money gained from the sale of his wifes car (after getting a new company car) towards a motorbike. I didn't know this, and now I think he is a bit jealous that we are getting bikes before him!

    But it will be great to get out there all together.

    Did I mention I can't wait!?

    And Merry Christmas to you all too.