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Newbie confused about helmets!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Vintagegirl2010, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. I have a basic full face helmet already but I've heard a lot of helmets that meet Australian safety standards actually aren't all that effective when it comes to your head hitting. What I want to know is, what are the most effective helmets (and brands) at saving your brain?

  2. The Australian Standard is basically a copy of the British Standard and is now rather out of date. However, that doesn't mean that helmets sold in Australia are necessarily inferior to those sold elsewhere in the world. It does mean they tend to be expensive compared to the US and European markets, but that's a subject that's been rehashed and done to death on Netrider on a regular basis for years.

    The best helmet at saving your brain, all other things being equal, is one that fits and which is fastened correctly. As can be seen in the article that jazzfan linked, a more expensive lid is not, automatically a better one.

    What price does tend to buy are better ventilation systems, visor mechanisms, removeable, washable liners and all the little details that make a helmet pleasant to live with.

    Personally, I have an HJC shaped head and so am very happy with my low/mid range HJCs as they fit better than anything else I've tried. The visor mechanisms are crap though, and the ventilation doesn't work. Shoeis have much the same shell shape (indeed I have an unsupported theory that HJC manufacture obsolete Shoei designs as there are considerable similarities) and are nice if I could afford one, but I doubt if they'd offer all that much more protection, just better detail.

    And before the usual arguments get trotted out, 1) yes I have fallen off and hit my head (twice actually) and my cheap, but well fitting lid saved me from any serious consequences) and 2) the top level racers wear whatever their sponsors tell them to. Beyond a certain basic level, effectiveness is less of a consideration than sponsorship dollars.
  3. Ok. Thanks guys. I'll check out that link and yeah, maybe this would be better in the other forum. Just new here, still working it out!