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Newbie Coffee Nite

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Hey guys i have been riding for about 3 weeks now. And now im wanting to meet up with other L platers who want to have a noob coffee night seeing as alot of other more experienced riders have them.

    So if your a noob and your in the Liverpool Area then lets meet up at KK's Liverpool.

    the actual night has not been decided yet but lets decide on one together.

    I am voting for Monday Night

  2. Umm apolagies up front if i've got the wrong end of the stick, but why a noob coffee night??
    More experianced riders do NOT have coffee nights, the coffee nights are for all that want to attend, wether there noob, experianced or even NON riders. Hell we even allow cruiser and scooter riders at the victorian ones :p
  3. Simply because sometimes on the coffe nights i go to with the more experienced riders they tend to go a lil fast and sometimes i feel as if im keeping the group back and i figur there must be some other noobs that feel this way also so im thinking a noob coffee night might be a good idea just so us noobs can ride at our own pace and not feel asif we are wrecking the night..

    Is this a good enough reason ???
  4. See apolagies up front were worth it :p

    We dont ride at out coffee nights (other than thursday mystery ride)

    We just meet and chat.

    I've run a few rides down here for newbs, i love doing it. Nothing better than having a rider on there first big ride come up afterwards and say 'thanks i learnt heaps' it gives me a warm fuzzy :grin:
  5. Where are you located komunista - this might help people!
  6. Read my post again... It clearly says im in the liverpool area :)
  7. Coffee nights

    Wow when is the next one man i had so much fun last time we went for coffee. every one that went were kool they all had funny stories and no egos, plus it is great meating new people with a common goal bikes

    i will go rides with ur group any time evan when i am not on my LS i hope evan more people come next time cus its so much fun

    please post the date when u plan on going a :biker: gain
  8. Hey lets meet up next monday say about 7:30pm ???