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Newbie Checking In

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BENTEN, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just joined up as i was reffered from a friend. I just passed my Learners Test yesterday and now have the fun part of buying a bike, ive been looking at getting a Hyosung GV650 (LAMS aprroved of course) does anyone have any pros and cons on this bike?

    Thanks People
  2. G'day Benten. From what I've seen here Hyosong are not favored by the gliiterati. From what I've seen they are brilliant value and a seriously good stepping stone for a LAMS bike. Buy the bike you want and are comfortable with. And enjoy it. My 2c. :)
  3. Welcome to the madhouse Benten

    i am sure there is a Hyo forum - search using the top search box and I'm sure you will find some links. I have heard that they are prone to electrical problems - may be only certain model years etc.

    Are you planning on buying new?
  4. Hey mate, dam awesome bike. I've owned 2 of them. U won't pass your most test to get your P's on it as its to big and long so u might have to hire or borrow one for the test. My 2 nd one was the efi model and I un restricted it myself as its easy and the cops will never know. For a first bike it's pretty big but it just takes a little while to get used to. Good luck
  5. Hi GeorgeO unfortunately not i will be buying a second hand bike to start off and when i am experienced enough and off my Learners i will buy a new bike down the track
  6. Thanks basjumper, My cousin has a hysoung GV250 aquila EFI ive road it here and then before i had my license it seems like an alright bike i just like the look of the GV650 though
  7. welcome aboard mate :) try them all buy the one you feel most comfortable with
  8. Welcome mate... people I ask either love them or completely hate Hyosung's. This being your first bike you might not want to spend too much on it (this is where Hyosung's comes in on value).
    Once you get out there riding and checking out other bikes you will understand the difference in manufactures build quality. Some years ago my first bike was a 1989 ZXR250, my mate at the same time got a 2006 Hyosung GT250R. Mine looked newer and ran better than his. I’m sure this is not with all Hyosung's, just his one seemed like its paint had faded and seat was cracking which surprised me for a newer model.
    I agree with kevinnugent, they are a good stepping stone into the bike world.
    Agree with basejumper, hire one of the bikes for the company you get your tests done. Very nimble bikes they are.
    Nevertheless, go for what you like for your learners bike, for sure you will want to upgrade once you get your full license.
    Good luck.
  9. Hey mate welcome to the forum. They seem to be great value for money as does the small KTM's.

    One of the young fellows from work has one and it goes ok, and yes his did have some starter/regular sort of problem. (easily fixed I think)