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Newbie checking in

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Digbot, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Hello,
    I am new to riding, had my licence 7 months and my own bike 1 month. Needing tons of advice and Yoda-like tutelage from experienced riders so I throw myself upon the mercy of the forums and the wizened sentinels who post within. My bike affectionately known as Brutus, is a LAMS Ducati Monster 659 (I know what you are thinking too $$$ for a first bike) maybe it is but it was a reward for myself for landing my new job and it is also my baby (yes I have been known to talk to it adoringly) and I plan on having it for a long time. I researched the pants off first bikes, as well as good bikes for female riders, and it had brilliant reviews, coupled with a great pedigree, and killer good looks (not forgetting the sound of the pipes) I dived in no regrets so far - well maybe that I should have bought it earlier! My avatar is my beloved Brutus FYI.
    So greetings my new friends, I sincerely hope we get to ride together someday :)

  2. Hi there Digbot & welcome to Netrider :)
  3. hello Digbot
  4. Welcome. Sweet ride
  5. If you need Yoda-like tutelage, you need to move to NSW :p

    Welcome to the forums (y)
  6. Are you hot??

    Welcome.....enjoy the duke.
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  7. You'll get better tutelage from SA without all the sugar coated crap. Blabbs is the new technical trainer :D
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  8. Didn't take him long :D

    Welcome digbot
  9. Perks of having Internet connection that hasn't been messed with...I can load shit without issue on nr now
  10. Goonies !
  11. Goonies! ...you get the idea
  12. Since male riders are far more numerous on nr then women, I would think the real question is are you hot? I can have my pick of the litter you see and I am not satisfied with runts.
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  13. @87crisis You just got served.
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  14. Ooooo, she's feisty..... I like that (y)
    You will fit in here well Digbot
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  15. Can we keep her please?
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  16. bout time we had some worthwhile females.... we still need pics tho....i can supply one after if you'd like ?? :D
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  17. Would my wedding pictures suffice ?
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  18. Welcome to NR. I just like to sit and watch. Never really say much but learn a heap from most of the people here.

  19. Yep, we love wedding pics. Welcome aboard, put on your silly hat and enjoy the party. Another little Monster, nice choice.