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Newbie, Central Coast NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WESTYRVF, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Hi guys and girls i am and Chris and i am 30 yrs young and live on the Central Coast NSW, I currently own a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 but i am in the process of selling to buy my mates immaculate RVF400 as i have loved this bike for a long time but he has never wanted to part with it till now so i am buying it as i have a strong liking with Honda's RC30, 45 & 51 but the only one i can afford is the RC45's little brother. I have been riding dirtbikes for a fair few years not that i was much chop but i bloody enjoyed it and have now decided to get into the black top stuff. I am always looking for a ride around the coast so if anyone is interested drop me a line.

  2. G'day mate, welcome :)
  3. You have the best roads down your way - very jealous!

  4. Hi, and welcome, Chris.

    Ah, a really good RVF400 is a wee gem.... I only wish I could fit on one. <sigh>

    I do hope you are at least on Ps, 'cos the 400 is hard work to do the MOST on.
  5. welcome to NR. odd avatar.
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  6. Yeh nothing suss about your avatar bud!!!
  7. G'day Westy. Im usually floating around the coast on my days off. Let us know if your up for a cruise...as long as you aint a cop...(dodgy avatar and all)
  8. Hey yeah we do have awesome riding around here, very nice Profile pic, no one likes mine lol[DOUBLEPOST=1357126758][/DOUBLEPOST]
    No no all good guys just did it out of respect to my cousins mate who was a inspector in the police force who died whilst on duty a short while back.
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  9. Welcome Westy :beer:
    I'm at the "upper Central Coast" :rofl:
    Often ride down that way with the CCSBR crew may see you around
  10. Welcome Westy :)

    The 400 is a great-sounding bike, isn't it? I've got its bigger brother, a '95 VFR750, with a Staintune, I love playing tunes with the rock walls up and down Macquarie Pass!
  11. I've ridden with those guys a few times...think we've actually met before. You bailed from Jerry's and headed back to Newie with back pain maybe?
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  12. Nah, it's not so bad... we're just more used to seeing bacon on our burgers, not on NR ;)

    Sorry to hear about your Cousins mate
  13. third try at reply :-(, this time no emoticons

    YES twas I, age and doctors slicing me open has cut a few rides short, but hey at least i still breath :) (see Movember thread).
    maybe catch you again
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