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Newbie + CBR250RR :D

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by killerb, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    ANOTHER NEWWBIE?!?! yes but wait, i've got eye candy. Just picked myself up a CBR250RR about 3 weeks ago for $4550, smack bang on my budget (well $50 over but whose counting). This ausy tri-colour has 52,000 on the clock and goes like an absolute trooper.





  2. welcome and cute dog in the background
  3. Awesome bike, got one myself bro absolute screamers haha ride safe!
  4. 100 bucks says those fairings aren't original.
    Mate what an absolute ripper of a bike, how does she run? Price seems about ride for that model of bike in that condition, have heaps of fun and keep the black bit down!
    You in melb? If so, come to the satday learner sessions! Heaps of fun!
  5. Congrats on the ride mate.

    @Kernel, the rego label and plate indicate he's in NSW.
  6. Nice little bike. Great buy. Well done, and welcome.
  7. great bike, i have the same engine as you in mine but in a naked form. Dont be afraid to rev the nuts off it:D

  8. cheers guys

    @kernal will that be cash or check? they probably have mate
    but when you get up close they've got their fair share of little
    cracks that have been glued up and that. Apart from that she
    runs smooth as.

    Like det. Blaise said i'm in the nanny state but if anyones keen
    for a meet lets dooo aaatt
  9. nice bike mate... as has been said, don't be afraid to rev its tits off... These little buggers were made to rev and they don't go as they should until you are 12k PLUS :D
  10. Great bike mate! Those little babies are terrific learner bikes!! Get out there and enjoy it!!

    (and school some kwaka 250r's) 8-[
  11. Top stuff mate, had one of these last summer and it was top. Max power at about 16,000rpm and restricted to 185km/h... great combo haha. Anyway, have fun and stay safe on it - but know that if you know how to handle her she'll please you every time. Mine sure did, even during some gawdawful 'OH F***!' moments.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. Lovely motors, had a similar one in my old bike. Just keep them at like 6-8,000rpm and they're sweet.
  13. Hell, toadcat... thats about idle for these! :D

    Still, they do go surprisingly well down low for a 250cc four. Best memories of mine were topping the speed limiter on a favourite endless straight, carving Kangaroo Valley / Nerriga-Nowra bypass and freeway trips at 130kmh and 4l/100km hahaha... good times.

    - boingk
  14. Recently sold mine for greener pastures... 14K and above is where the magic happens :) enjoy