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Newbie Budget Gear- Thoughts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Donshe, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, firstly I want to emphasise that sadly my bike isn't my number one spending concern.

    Now, I have a cloth (I dunno what the technical term is) jacket and pants with the shoulder, knee, elbow etc padding, Joe Rocket brand. Also have leather gloves, not riding gloves, but nicely padded ones, but not hard knuckle protectors. And of course a helmet

    Now my question is, is it extremely vital to invest in boots/gloves and maybe non "suit" pants? The first two because I have read about them on the forum a lot, the pants because Im sure I look like a suited up L plate retard on a 2 stroke.

    Thoughts? :?
  2. Get the boots for sure.

    Proper gloves would be good too, good riding gloves will have double thickness palms, that's what usually comes into contact with the road in a spill.

  3. You need good gloves. People have lost parts of fingers after putting their hands down at speed. Also a trauma nurse told me that one rider needed both feet amputated because they were not wearing proper riding boots and their feet were a twisted mess.
  4. Right in both cases, and who gives a hoot what people in Blacktown think of what you look like riding your bike? If you come off and you're wearing boots and the proper gloves, then the things that you will need to earn you money and support you all your life, your hands and feet, will be intact, and you'll be laughing.....
  5. Gloves are number 1 no questions at all. If you can't afford motorbike boots FFS don't wear runners or thongs, get some leather flat sole boots. Oh and enjoy :grin:
  6. :LOL: @ matti's avatar :LOL:
  7. Yep hands and feet have lots of small bones that are easy to break and very difficult to fix. Just try and imagine your life without full use of one/both of your hands or feet and gloves/boots won't seem that expensive after all.
  8. Lost part of my right foot, and had my ankle rebuilt after a major stack involving a truck.

    Would have had no foot at all if I had not been wearing proper boots

    Get the boots!
  9. I got Rivet Gloves - decent price at around $80 bucks??? if i'm not mistaken? Kelvar and multidirectional knuckle and pinky finger armor and really thick leathers double layered stitched on the palms and soulf on the hand and the top side of the fingers. Stiff in the first month but it'll get softer and comfortable. definitely my favourite piece of riding gear I must say. (the best smelling of em all too hehehe - hmmmm carbon and leatherrrrrrr)
    thick enough for winter and cool enough for summer.

    I need boots tho... STAT!

    I got a leather jacket with all the essential body armor.. it's a cheap one but i think it's pretty good for the money - especially being all leathers with a removable lining - stylish and breathable in summer plus all the armor you need. brand is BikeClub and scored that for $200 bucks on discount.
  10. why thank you Paul
  11. +1 on what the others have already said - proper gloves and boots. you don't have to break the bank on either.
  12. just so you get something about pants yes you will need pants with some protection start off with some textiles which you can pick up for cheap enough, my original set of motodry's cost my around the 170 mark but the have ce approved padding ass cheeks and knees or even a pair off dragging or hornees they may only have slight protection in the case of a off but that is better then no protection at all, but starting off i'd go with something with a little more protection in the knee area at least til you get some more confidense up
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. Theres been a bit of misunderstanding as to my question. So later tonight I'll post up pics of what I currently have to ride in and maybe get some feedback?

    Ive just started using my old Aust. Army issue boots, simply because they cover the ankles and are alittle firmer. But Ive noticed a problem, they have hardened leather toes. So when Im trying to shift up/down, I can't actually feel the lever, and Ive completely missed the shift a couple of times, and my fot has just come off twice too :S So its basically touch and go to see whether or not I can shift gears lol. If it keeps revving out, Ive missed :p

    Pity, I'll have to go back to casual shoes until I can afford some boots.
  14. Donshe stick with the boots IMO, casual shoes offer you NO protection at all.
  15. With your 'interim' solution on boots, be careful of laces and other bits than can catch on the bike. You can have some spills if you get tangled.
  16. Just as a point a lot of older riders swear by army boots as being cost effective.