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newbie-brembo/ohlins.....are these the best?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by livingstonest, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. i know cycling better than motorcycling and with bicycles each manufacturer basically just comes up with a frame and use other manufactuers parts.

    when dealing with trek/cannondale/specialized which are good bicycle companies, they make a frame but when they sell the bike to the public they specify what brand/type forks/rear shocks/brakes/shifters/deraillers they use on the bike. so for a particular bike frame, there may be up to 4 different models from basic components up to more expensive components. they even allow you to buy the frame on its own, so the individual can hand pick components.

    just wondering....is this the same with motorcyles? cause when i look up the specifications on their webpage they don't specify what brand fork/shocks/brakes they use. so i assume they make their own parts?

    sometimes though i notice they say brembo brakes or ohlins forks/shocks. are these the best? also i notice that they say the inverted forks are better. are they? and if they are then why do we see the regular forks for? i mean you just gotta turn em upside down to be better?

  2. Motorbikes generally dont have a choice of different spec components for the the same bike so they are unlike bicycles in that regard. Pretty much there will be only one version of each different model. Motorcycle makers do buy their braking and suspension components from other manufactures and fit them to their bikes, you just dont get a choice in what you get usually. You can always buy the parts aftermarket and upgrade later however.

    I may be wrong here but I think inverted forks just mean lower unsprung weight, which is better for handling.
  3. Brembo and Ohlins are among the best. But Ohlins cost a bomb aftermarket.

    Otherwise, if you're concerned about stock suspension on a bike look for fully adjustable units. If they're not and you want the best handling with stock you can get a pro to revalve and respring if nec. Allow up to $1200 for this front and rear.
  4. All bikes are built to cost, so they dont go into detail on the finer points/parts which are fitted standard, it's up to race teams to fit more costly equipment to gain the better performance that they seek.
    It's pretty amazing the performance you do get these days for the money.
    A stock standard Suzuki K5 would blow Barry Sheene's championship
    winning race bike into the weeds if you placed them both on a track together.
    Brembo/Ohlins are considered the best, this is why youll spot them Superbikes in racing worldwide.

    SHOWA is another big name in performance.

    The primary reason for "Upside Down Forks" is under heavy braking the forks flex backwards at the triple clamps, which in turn changes the handling characteristics of a bike mid corner.
    Place the larger diameter at the top and you resist this flexing.
    And the added benefit of less unsprung weight as mentioned above.
  5. And there's variation within a brand.

    My Trumpy has Showa suspenders but as Ratbag points out for bikes in general they're built to a price - with min. adjustment available, and set up for a soft ride. Once you push them on rough roads you get into trouble quickly.

    One reason Ohlins monshocks are exxy is that they're made to be fully rebuildable. So after 50/60 k you can have them returned to original performance.