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Newbie bikes, what the best on your L's and P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Full Gas, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've finally decided to take the plunge and buy myself my first bike :grin: after several years of deliberation and now the only question is: what bike do I buy?

    There are quite a few bikes out there on the market but once you decide to want something sporty AND that looks good, it seems that your down to ancient CBRs, the Suzuki GS500F or dare I say it, the Korean Hyo's. :?

    Does anyone have suggestions?
  2. Have a look at my CBR250RR :)

    Yeah they might be ancient, but if you know good friends who knows how to service them and you are only paying for parts, they make the bike like new again...
  3. I have seen alot of cbrrs that look brand new. But thats usually because they've slid down the road so many times that someone's finally bothered to give it a new paint job.

    Gpx and zzrs look a bit sporty (zzr moreso than gpx), have a look at them to see if they're your cup of tea.
  4. As you guys have LAMS i'd personaly go for one of the bigger bikes, it'll probably last you a lot longer in terms of type of riding you want to do, be a better tourer, etc.
  5. go to bike shops, or bikesales.com.au or anywhere really and get a feel for what you like and learn a little about it.

    Bike shops are good cause you can sit on it and see if it suits.

    I love my 250RR, it goes great and wouldn't trade it in for any other learner bike. But thats because it suits me, i love the sporty position, the look and the ride.

    Go with what best suits you and the only way you are going to figure it out is to go check them out!

    Also... resell value and such can come into it if its just gonna be a learner bike.

    It all just depends on so many things.

    Congratz on the choice tho, you wont look back!
  6. You can hardly call a ZZR/GPX a sports bike.

    if you want a sports bike, you wont find it with a ZZR/GPX. The seating position and feel of the bike is completely different to that of a proper sports bike; zxr's, cbrs, etc.

    i dont mean to deter you from buying either one, because they are fantastic bikes - but certainly not as sporty as they could be...personally, i'd get a ZXR250C.
  7. :p

    I said it looks 'a bit' sporty.

    As cam said, the ride style on zzr/gpx is akin to a lying on a lounge. But if you are against hyosung/15+ year old bikes, its worth a look in.
  8. I got my first bike about 3wks ago. Its a CBR250RR. I had the same question as you when I was looking for my first bike. I looked at a couple and I liked the CBR250RR straight away. I still had a look around for other bikes but I just didnt likes it and its feels abit strange for me. In the end I bought the CBR250RR. Eventhoguh cosmestic is ok. The mechanical side is pretty good for a 16yr old bike. And Im not too sure if its done 135000 on the clock or 235000 coz on the clock it just said 35000. I've been thinking 35000/16 is like 2000ks per year and I dont think its possible to b so little, but I could be wrong.

    For me its a good choice and I enjoy riding it. I'll probably hate to go back to the CB250s when I do my P's.
  9. Honda VTR250cc ... best bike for your L's... not that im being bias or anything
  10. That's the way it is on the 250 market - but I haven't found it a problem. If you buy something new w/without finance, you have to insure it - ~$1,500 p/A...So I went out and bought a 2nd bike instead :roll:

    I like the older ones, wont feel so bad if I destroy/damage it and they are easier for me to maintain myself. I also preferred the honda CBR250R - easy to get parts and not overly challenging to maintain. So many get written off, 2nd hand parts are easy to come by. Have never had a problem with mine...and only ran into trouble with the yamaha last week when I let the 1st mechanic touch it :(
  11. +1

    I'm on my second one :LOL:

  12. well actually check the kawasaki web site out the gpx 250 is classed as a super sport
  13. sorry to say it, but this decision is going to be completey up to you, but the fact of the matter is, you are going to get everyone opinion on what bike was best for them.

    everyone loves their own bikes, so they aint gonna come out and say 'x bike is a heap of junk'

    the bike you are going to want is going to come down to your size, height and weight, as different bikes are going to be more comfortable then others for people of different heights and weights.

    i bought a 05 gs500f brand new off the show room floor and it was perfect for the type of riding i done, they arent the sportiest of bikes, when it comes to riding position, another factor you need to look at is how many k's are you going do be doing in one go.

    i have done 1000 km days on the gs with no hassle other then a slightly sore rear end, i'm not sure that many people would say the same riding a race replica such as the cbr's, or fzr's

    best bet is to go out the the bike shops and sit on as many bikes as you can, work out what will be comfortable for you, do not just buy the bike you like the look of, as you might not enjoy riding it as much as you could have, if you had bought a bike that was comfortable to sit on
  14. I think it adds up. My 91 CBR for example has 24,000 on the clock. It was complianced in Australia December 2002. It could have been sitting in a warehouse in Japan since 1994 (correct me if I'm wrong). Since it snows in Japan, there might only be 6 months of ridable weather. So in total, there is 5 years in Australia, and 1.5 years ridable in Japan. That makes 6.5 years to put on 24,000 kms or around 3700kms per year.

    Plus the clock might of been wound back when complianced too but I would doubt that the bike has done more that 100,000 kms.

    And to the OP, another option could be the gsxr250r but they seem rare. If I were to need a new bike I'd go another CBR250rr or a ZXR250 (A or C depending on price).
  15. How much did she set you back, im considering one of the cbr's but the price seems a bit high on most of the ones i've seen. Do people really pay $5500+ for 250's more than 10 years old, or are the sellers asking these prices kidding themselves?
  16. ZZR250 - Cant go wrong with them - very forgiving bike!
  17. The RR that I bought in January was advertised for $5500 with 21,000km, never dropped, 12 months rego and rwc. I paid $5100 which I felt was fair, since all the bikes that were $4500-5000 that I saw came with nearly no rego and around 30,000 or more km and had usually been dropped.
  18. GS500. Easy to ride, and better than most of the 250's if you're a big bloke. I ride a CX500 at the moment, but I plan to fcuk it off and get a GS500F in the next few months. VTR250 is excellent too.

    The CX isn't all that fantastic as a learner bike. It's fairly easy to ride, but it's very heavy, and that is a biatch when you first start out, as of course a lot of the learning is properly manhandling the bike at slow speeds, stopping, starting etc. The weight of the CX sucks lots if you drop it, compared to a 250, too.
  19. Thanks for the tips guys, I went down to Bike Biz in Sydney yesterday afternoon to get a feel for some of the prospective candidates and straight away I noticed that most of the 250s would not suit due to my height (6'3") and weight (86kg).

    I was quite surprised at the Hyosungs. For a brand I'd never heard of before they seem good value for money. They may not have the finish of the Japanese brands but are they ok mechanically??

    I looked at GT250R and their GT650R which is also learner legal due to a restrictor in the carbie.

    I'd say at the moment I'm a toss up between the Suzuki 500F and the 250 Hyosung simply due to the feel and size. The Suzuki gives me brand reliability yet higher price and a less sporty look. The Hyosung seems to give value for money in a learner bike with not too shabby looks but question marks on the brand???
  20. I vote a GS500 as well (of course because I have one).

    Crashworthiness is better than the race rep 250's, more torque and smoother to ride.

    It's much easier to be smoother with a bigger torquier engine. 20 cent piece sized pistons at 18,000rpm aint that.

    If you had to buy a new 250, I'd probably go with a VTR - unless you intend to get a cruiser style bike.

    Old GPX/ZZR250's are good value for money and arent a bad bike, much as everyone wants CBR250RR's these days.