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Newbie biker here

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nightrider, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    Just want to say it's great to finally find a forum deticated to motorbike riders in oz! I really love bikes and have always owned trail bikes from when i was 12 and up but then when i got to 18 i stopped riding because of being caught by police lol. Now 12 years later and im just wanting to get on the road on a bike. I have not rode a bike for 12 years but my friend is a bike freak and has got me back into bikes and took me for a ride on his suzuki sv600 the other day and now i want to get a bike myself. Id like to hear from others that give me some tips, or even what the learner course is like because im going to do it in a few weeks. Also can someone tell me about these meets that are held in Homebush every few weeks that sounds great id love to come to one and meet some new people and get to know more about bikes..

  2. welcome to the forum nightrider....
    if you ever come to melb there is a coffee night for every night of the week
    :grin: :grin:
    good luck with gett the bike and safe riding
  3. This is gonna get confusing.

    Oh yeah and welcome to the forums and a return to riding. Stay safe and if you proceed keep it rubber side down.

  4. You should have registered nightrider/night-rider/night_rider/night rider just to be sure no one else would grab them without realising you already had a variant of it ;)

    Welcome to the forums dude! I'm a newb too, but they're a great bunch of guys and girls :)
  5. Welcome to the forums nightrider!

    Goodluck and have a ball finding yourself a new bike!! :grin: :grin:
  6. Welcome NightRider #2

    Homebush Bay Brewery is on the olympic Site right next to olympic park train station on the corner of dawn fraser av and olympic blvd.

    Its a nice little venue no coffee sold there. dinner menu finishes at 8pm so after that its snack menu only. so if you wanting something more filling arive at about 7. Some times the street out the front is blocked off due to certin public events traffic control i guess.. but parking is right out the front of the brewery otherwise.

    see here for map.

    see here for another rant about the brewery.
  7. Id like to hear from others that give me some tips, or even what the learner course is like because im going to do it in a few weeks.

    Tell you step by step what your doing , done it not so long ago..

    1. You meet your teacher , they give you abit of a run down on what your going to be doing , ask if you have riden before , and some info about you ( mostly what bike you want , your name ect ect) Bring your ID most importent.

    2. go out on the course , teacher would show you the bike , were all the gears , brakes and such are.

    3. You will be doing practicals first one is , you sit on the bike , person goes behind and pushys you to see if you have the balance , simple sit as far up on the cb and put your legs against the petrol tank and look forward. you will be doing this up and down , where the cones are.

    4. You be learning how to start the bike , learning the friction point ( this activity you wont get out of first)
    Doing the same as number [3] going up and down.

    Crappy diagram of the course

    ( Each time you do the practical the teacher tells you a little about it and gives a demistration. )

    5. you will be riding around the course first gear , when you come to a corner you look at the other side were the bend and cone is.

    6. same as above but you will be going into 2nd gear , im sure you know how to change gears..

    ( days ends go back into the room and discuss what you have learnt. might get some homework)

    *******DAY 2 *********

    1. You will be doing the same as yesterday , riding around the course , like revision.

    2. Going around the course but when you hit the corners you will change into first gear then when you come out go back into 2nd and so on.

    3. You will be learning the emergancy stop , going around the course but stoping were the intructor is.

    4. Same thing but when you reach the intructor tap your gear 3 times , no idea why, she told us to do this. You stop then keep going.

    5. they set up abit of a traffic road thingie , which has 3 different lanes . 2 are for stopping one is for going ahead , mostly a give way , turn and look , proceede with caution.

    6. they will set up the test , you will be marked on this , using blinker , stop signs , and lights , they are cones btw you will need to know when to change into first and 2nd gear also. BY yourself too..

    Once you do this you go back into the room , and teacher will do some stuff on the board , then give you your paper which you take to the RTA and do your theory exam.

    Sorry if this is crap , just a mindblank , you can add if you need too..

    Idea is to listern , dont pay attention to others in your class . always watch when she is showing you what to do..

  8. ^Thanks for the info. Ill be going for my learners soon aswell and was looking for some helpful tips about the learner course.

    But I was thinking... At the learner course, you rent a bike right? I was thinking that I should buy a bike and do the course on that to save myself some money, since Ill need all I can get so I can afford my bike. There is a downside though... since it will be my first time on an actual road bike I could drop it and damage it, which wouldn't be so fantastic. What would you guys suggest? (The bike I'm looking at is $4500 and I have about 4300, plus the course itself is like 200 or so Im told. Saving money would be good).
  9. Actually its (k)NightRider #3

    Hopefully its true and this time netrider will get a bit luckier. :p :LOL:

  10. Helpful tip , if you havent riden a bike before either ask a friend who has a bike to help you or go to a local bike shop ther emore then friendly to help..

    Anyhows you will learn there , THey teach all!! you will easily learn how to ride
  11. Yep....
    and me..... Knightrider


    Good luck with the L's. It's easy. And they give you bike to use on the day/s.

    Let us know how it goes :grin:
  12. Hi there and welcome.

    Good luck with your L's.

    :grin: :grin:
  13. Have a think about it, she also should have informed you as to why you are doing this. Also you should really be tapping down the gears constantly until you stop (to assure you are in 1st gear) not just 3 times, however, you were only in 2nd gear. You do this to assure you are in first gear when you are completely stopped. This will allow you to radidly take off if the need arises (e.g. Squealing brakes behind you from someone about to rear-end you or you see someone not stopping). If your not in 1st gear you are most certainly going to get hit because your pick up and take off will be stuffed. The reason you continue to tap it down as you stop is simply to be certain you've reached first hear and haven't missed any down change because what if you counted them but one of the down clicks actually didn't fully engage and you were still in 2nd gear!

    Just thought i would clear that up for you!!

  14. The price of your Learners includes use of the bike as cause you are going for your learners it is a bit hard to get your bike there as you dont have a licence yet :grin:
    As far as I know you have to use their bike you can only use your own bike for your Ps and mate for $4000-$4500 you will get yourself a pretty good 250 infact there are a few on here at the moment for aroun that price good luck
  15. thanks knight :p
  16. Hey fellow bikers,
    WOW fantastic responses! Thank you so much for welcoming me on board and i appologies about the nick i have chosen as nightrider. I wasn't too sure there were a few nightriders on here especially the admin! sorry admin! lol. It's just im a bit of a mad max fan and took the name from the first movie from the character nightrider. I have to say thank you so much to ksystemz for giving me a run down on the learner course i had a rough idea of what happens but i love your little diagram and you explained it so well. Dante thanks for the info on where the meet is at homebush bay i remember passing through there a few days ago when my friend took me for a ride so maybe at the next meet i'll try and get him to come along because i remember ages ago he use to tell me he would love to go to a bike meet so this will be an opportunity for me and him to come to one and meet some fantastic people. Thanks to everyone that i didnt mention for welcoming me i know buying a bike can be daunting and i was up very late last night reading the link that explains what to look out for when you first buy a bike. I dont understand much about the mechanical side of a bike yet but i think i know how to look for thing cosmetically but willing to learn more about bikes. I know Sydney can be a scary place for bikers with some drivers paying no or little respect to bike riders and this does worry me a little but i guess its because i havnt been on the road yet on a bike. Anyway thanks guys and gals and hope to come up to a meet soon and meet some of you people..