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>> Newbie Bike Choice !! <<

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by brookse, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Alright,

    I know you're all probably sick of the "what bike should i get :roll: " but after researching into it, i think i do need specific advise.

    Firstly - abit about me.

    I'm 19, 6'3" and about 80kg.

    My budget is probably going to be up to about 6k?

    Now, after some consideration, im thinking i may want a little bigger bike?

    This bike is most likely going to last me a few years untill i have a proper license, and maybe even some years after that (because i wont have any money being a uni student and all)

    The main use of this bike is going to be for short trips in sydney city (to uni and back, to my gfs, etc etc) so it'll probably not be getting much highway usage.

    So basically,

    - Looks: Faired
    - Low running costs (probably 4stroke)
    - Learner Friendly
    - 6'3" friendly
    - Reliable and wont die on me within a year.

    Haha, hope i haven't been too specific but at the same time given you all enough information to know what will suit me.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :grin:


    -Kawasaki 250R Ninja
    -Honda CBR250RR

    How are they for my size?
  2. Spend a few more bux and get the Ninja. See https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=48394&highlight=

    Although, if your 6k budget does not include gear, this probably won't be an option. Your gear costs will likely be around 1-1.5k for good stuff, so if you haven't budgeted for this then really you're looking for a bike around 4.5-5k.

    If this is the case, get a secondhand VTR/ZZR/GPX/CB. Do a search to find out the virtues of each, and do some test rides or at least get your bum on some seats! Buy what feels best, and search is your friend on Netrider. All of the benefits of all of these bikes have been done to death...

    Oh, and don't forget to factor in insurance costs!
  3. Yeah i was saying around 6k and then putting gear on top of that..

    The ninja looks pretty sweet.

    But thruthfully, should i spend the extra bucks on the new bike because im going to be keeping it for a while..

    or should i buy a 2nd hand cheaper one, because im a new rider and everyones told me that somewhere along the line i might drop it.
  4. Physical size will determine some of your solution. The Honda Hornet is the biggest of the 250s around, four-cylinder 4-stroke, but good brakes, comfy seat and room for a taller rider. It's a grey import, of course, but there's plenty of them if you look around.

    New or second hand? I'd not want to be parking a new bike in an unpatrolled university car-park all day :LOL:.
  5. Spending extra cash on anything bigger than a CBR125 is probably also worthwhile. From all accounts those things (please correct me if I'm wrong, anybody) are great machines but are lacking in grunt over 80 kph, which I think frankly is not so safe.

    If you're going to have it for a while, new (warranty) is justifiable. Not just for the warranty, but also for the concrete certainty you can have in knowing that a previous owner has not stuffed up your machine. Unless you specifically want a type of bike you can't get new (e.g. CBR250RR) or want to do all of your own spanner work in the time you own it (probably better to teach yourself that sort of stuff on an older vs. brand spanking new bike).

    I don't get people who say that you will definitely drop your bike. That sort of talk pi$$es me off. So you are a learner? So what? That doesn't mean you must drop your bike at some stage. In fact, I think that going in there with that kind of attitude is what makes you more likely to drop the bloody thing. There are plenty of newbs out there (myself included) who have not dropped their bikes (yet :) )

    And even if you do drop it, so what? A new bike is not going to hit the ground harder than a used bike. For any given drop, if the bike was used you're going to end up with a used, but scratched bike. If the bike was new, you're also going to end up with a scratched bike, but it will still be newer and it will still be in (you would think) better mechanical condition!

    I know which one I would rather have!

    Bottom line, IMO: If you can afford new, and that's what you want, then buy it. But don't buy new if you will have to sacrifice gear or insurance in order to afford it. Conversely, if warranty, 'guaranteed' reliability and shiny-ness are less important to you than price, then used is a much smarter alternative.
  6. I think you're a bit big for the CBR125. I've ridden one before and found it just... bad. Try and get the opinion of some more experienced riders rather than people who may have one as a first ride.

    I didn't like the feel of them, and they felt very, very sluggish to me - i'm five foot nine and around seventy kilos. There's some terrific second hand bikes around, LAMS legal that would suit your size much better. It's a shame you're not shopping for a bike in a few months when you coudl get something like a GS500F that'd suit you much better.

    A mate of mine is a Mechanic, i just asked him on MSN about the bike and he said:

    every single one I've ridden (and we're talking about 20 or so) have had horrible gearboxes out of the factory. and most of them have false neutrals everywhere.

    I'm still not convinced about them, and I truly believe you'll get sick of it very quickly.
  7. After looking into the Ninja, im really liking it.
    Read the whole thread that was posted and haha, those guys were hating the delays.

    Hows the Ninjas fuel consumption.. couldnt really find it in any specs

    and would the insurance for a 250cc bike be a lot more than a 125cc?
    i think i had a quote of about 250 or so for the CBR125R.

    Oh and how would i be being 6'3 on a ninja?

    Well, with my budget atm, i probably will be more likely later than sooner buying this bike..

    The GS500F does look pretty good, but now ive seen the 08 250R Ninja, im pretty keen on that..

    also, it doesn't actually mention the F version on the RTA approved list, only the GS500. But maybe thats because this is a new bike?
  8. Well, I suggest the Ninja 250r, I ordered mine last week and am very excited. Though full comp insurance at 21 on L's for that bike is like $1,600-2,000. For third party, it's like $160-200 and for theft it's around $400. (these are figures from insurer my ride, and racv).

    Good luck! And get the bike you truly love. :)
  9. Not surprising, that's a well known problem with the Honda Sonic it's based on (and I believe is simply due to a cheap design and therefore unlikely to ever change).
  10. Sorry Brookse, i thought you were in Melbourne.

    I'd seriously recommend looking at a larger capacity bike. But hey, that's just me. Different horses for different courses.

    I'd think about hitting the second hand market up, but with some help off somebody with a bit of experience. Check out the for sale area here too. You have the added benefit of being able to read people's prior posts to see how they've ridden and taken care of the bike.
  11. *sniff*

    I just don't get a lot of the anti-CBR125 sentiment from quite a number of posters here... :( What's so wrong about them? Ok, they're not the fastest bike around and they're tiny, but does that necessarily make them bad?

    I'm genuinely curious about this :?

    I'm 5'5, 59 kilos and from what/how i've ridden it so far it seems to suit me just fine. :grin:
  12. Aside from the nicknames owners give them? :p
  13. Mate if you get a cbr125r for purposes other than slow speed commuting, it won't last a year.. not due to reliability (I'm sure it would normally last forever) but you'll get so sick of it you'll kick the crap out of it until its written off so you can get buy a 250 lol. Yes you will look like a clown on a minibike, but the same can be said for most 250s, especially the racier ones. BUT you can still ride any of them ok, it just wont be perfect.. but given that its a learner bike you don't really want perfect anyway.. its character building :)

    Not offense peaches, I think they are top bikes for commuting at slow kmh, but other than that they are lacking imo. You don't understand why people are knocking them? Thats because you haven't used it / had to use it for higher speed work so far. Personally I'd have one for my trip to uni as I don't have to go more than 80, its narrow and the clutch is light, awesome.
  14. The GS500 and the GS500F ,are the same bike just ones naked and ones got a fairing.

    I had the GS500F for my leaner bike ,and its one of the top 3 bikes for learners to pick IMHO.

    GS500 or the GS500F.
    And now the new Ninja 250.

    There is other bikes to choose ,but if you pick with theses bikes you realy can't go wrong.
    Just pick one at fits you and you like ,don't worry about the top speed they can all go ok even if there is 250cc more in the GS ,its heavier so it sorta evens it out.

    And don't worry about the GS500 gear box ,"some times" its hard to get into 1st when your stoped at lights etc ,but you just roll it forward or back 5cm at it will go into gear.
    Its a old gear box and gets temperamental some times ,but after a week you get the hang off it and its really not a worry at all.

    If I had to start all over again I would get a GS500F in a heat beat .
    But the new ninja does look the part.
  15. Have a look at a motard, this would be IMO the perfect bike for what you want. Easy to use in traffic, gice sports bikes a scare and very cool.

  16. Considered an Across?
    They are a largish 250 and have good storage.


    I've owned 2 and they are top bikes IMO.
  17. My sisters got a CBR125R, I'm not as tall as you (OP) and it still felt way too small for me. Nice looking bike though, she loves it! But I think that's more what it was designed for, small people :p

    +1 for motard
  18. PFffft, putting on my pro-CBR 125 hat once more - I'm far from small (59kg) and she physically suits me well :p I don't think I look like I'm riding a grasshopper either.

    (At least I hope not :shock: )
  19. haha
    you did say you were 5'5
    so there issssssss a slight difference in our sizes :p

    i thought the cbr125r was going to be the perfect bike.
    cheap, great fuel economy and a honda with awesome looks!

    but realistically, i know id grow out of it really fast (not talking size haha)

    in saying this, im not some speed demon, and im trying to be realistic for what uses ill have it for. but theres no point investing into something if ill most likely sell it in a year or so's time.

    my area is very hilly, and ive heard cbr125 just DIE on hills, so thats another reason haha.
  20. @ Brookse,
    If u are after the race bike look then you might want to check out the use Kawa ZX-2R's. I think out of the used 250's its the sportiest looking. Im about to buy my first bike, and I also looked at the new Ninjas and the CBR250rr's. But I've since changed my mind and am after a VTR 250. Its probably the best bike you can learn on, insurance is cheaper than the faired bikes, and if u do drop the bike, its going to be cheaper to repair.

    and @ Peaches - Just remind everyone the CBR125R is one of the best selling bikes in Europe :LOL: