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Newbie been here for a while NW Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ironcasper, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Been here for a while so thought I better introduce myself. Join NR a while ago but didn't have a bike so didn't comment to much. Rode a Yamaha RD 400 twenty odd years ago . Sold the bike and focused ont raising a family and work commitment and a mortgage. Time for me now. so decided to get back in the joy of riding again. Purchased a 2015 versys 650 a few weeks ago . Dropped it while pulling off to the side of the road. In getting repaired at the moment but unfortunately won't be ready for the group ride from pips to up north. So anyways looking forward to meeting you on the ride after . Cheers

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  2. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums IroncasperIroncasper :happy: Have indeed seen your name pop up here and there. Excellent choice of a ride, I hope you post few photos in showcase or from your rides. Versys is a beautiful machine and a great performer. Sorry to hear about the drop, but stuff happens. At least there's no major damage. Hope you get it back soon. Enjoy (y)
  4. Welcome mate. Great taste in bikes. I just got mine and loving it
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    gday IroncasperIroncasper and a formal and belated welcome to NR - don't tell my you got an orange one... everyone picks the orange one...

    looking forward to catching up on a ride when you're back on the road
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome mate :cool:

    Hopefully you'll be back riding asap
  8. Welcome to the forum mate
  9. Welcome :)
  10. Thanks for the Welcome folks !
  11. Chilli an. Not a orange one . All black
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  12. oh good on you mate - everywhere I look these days I seem to see orange bikes (not that there's anything wrong with orange mind you ;))
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  13. Welcome mate
  14. Reeeeaaallly? Say that to KTM peeps chilliman64chilliman64 :troll:

    Welcome IroncasperIroncasper - formally that is and enjoy your new beastie ... Oops about the lay down, but happens to most, so all good!
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  15. Well they do say black is the new orange right RussellDPRussellDP ;), welcome aboard IroncasperIroncasper and bummer you can't make the spring is sprung ride but I'm sure now the weather is warming up there will be plenty more so hopefully catch up with you in the future.
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  16. Welcome to NR