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newbie asking re training

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by grasshopper, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    Just joined, even paid my $5!!!!
    Maybe a mid life crisis???, I'm 47 and after holding car licence nearly 30 years, have decided to get my 'L's.
    The big question... What is the best/most cost & time efficent way to get my L's. Obviously I want good training because I want to be safe. Any tips??/
    Thanks.. gHoPPer

  2. Hello Grasshopper,glad to have you aboard mate. :D well,i recommend HART(Honda Australia Rider Training) man,they were great when i got my Ls and Ps and if you stuff up your written test or riding test its a lot easier to do again with HART than if you go direct to the RTA. You can also do different courses for your ability(ie 1 day,2 day courses etc) There is a few other places that do rider training mate,but i havent used them so cant say to much about them,some others on the forums may have, so we'll see what they say! :D Where ever you go mate,i wish you the best of luck! 8) :D
  3. Hi Grasshopper - Welcome to Netrider :D

    Whereabouts are you located in this great country? If around Melbourne I can thoroughly recommend Motorcycle Training Academy (or MTA) for all your licensing needs. I did both Ls and Ps there and found them to be excellent. More info here including information on what you need to do to pass the tests.
  4. I was just pick the one which closer to my home (HART).

    You can check out the trainning provider list on www.vicroads.vic.gov.au to see which one suit your needs and then ask the others for advise here!

  5. Check out the partners page (https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners). There you'll see that Motorcycle Training Academy is listed and offer a 10% discount on all they're course for Netrider members.
  6. welcome grasshopper, congrats on your decision to get a bike licence. Good luck!
  7. where do you live, grasshopper?
  8. Welcome Grasshopper,
    Its not mid-life crisis but an awakening of the senses, or the realisation of a dream.
    I'm 48 and don't believe in mid-life crisis occurrs till you get over 55 :D
  9. I went to MTA in Dandenong. I did the 4 hrs beginner's class (btw you don't get 10% off this course) and the following day, did the 8 hour learner's pemit course. Passed with flying colours and had never really ridden a bike before. (Fanging aroung on borther-in-laws bike in a paddock and on the back roads off the UK but never city road riding)
  10. I went to the MTA for all my training and tests. I didn't even know how to start a bike before i went there and the guys there were great. Passed both tests the 1st time round. :)
  11. Thanks everyone. For the record, I live up in Dandenong Ranges, so maybe HART at Kilsyth or MTA at Dandenong.
    Any more suggestions appreciated. Also, where do I get the LP book, from a newsagent? perhaps.
    Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond.... GhOpper
  12. I work in Silvan and have at least 2 copies of the rider handbook at home. I could bring one up for you if you like :)

    I think you can also download it in PDF format from vicroads website. Otherwise, yeah, most newsagents should have it.
  13. grasshopper - I did my L's with Motorcycle Motion and my full licence course with HART at Kilsyth. Both were good, but I did find the instruction very good at HART.

    BTW : don't fret over the mid life thing, I just turned 38 and only got my L's in Feb 04
  14. Welcome to the forums Grasshopper!! :D

    I did my L's at Hart in Kilysth and later on I did an intro course at the MTA. Both were good.

    What do you mean mid life crisis? Nah, you never too old mate. I got my L's at 34.

    Good luck with your learners!!

    :D :D
  15. Welcome Grasshopper!

    I highly recommend MTA at Dandenong. I got my L's there last September and P's (Sat just gone 26th) :D

    They have excellent trainers and actually give a damn about helping you learn and pass.

    And hey, you're never too old to learn new tricks!!
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  18. Thanks everyone, downloaded the PDF and the shockwave files so thanks for the tip, links and offers.
    Also, thanks for the reassurance about the mid life crisis thingy. Just when I was feeling better, looked at the bottom of the page and it said 'display posts from previous: All posts ; OLDEST first' and sure enough, my name was at the top of the page!!! yeah I know.....