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Newbie asking advice for sports bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ucanttme, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone,
    ive recently gotten into the bikes and just put a deposit on a brand new black GT250R :). Just wondering if i could get some advice on adapting to the more sporty, forward leaning riding position, just a confidence factor im trying to gain tips on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks everyone.

  2. G'day and welcome.

    Just take it slow to start with. They're not majorly different from riding any other bike, except that the turning circle is usually a lot worse. So doing u-turns can be a little tricky at times. But, unlike the License test, you can actually put your feet down and walk the bike around tight turns if you need to, to start with.

    I hadn't really ridden any bikes (a couple of trailies briefly) until a year ago when i got my little ninja. And the position on this bike is about as sporty as it gets, albeit a little cramped because its a small bike.

    Long rides can be a little tiresome and sore, but its getting better, the more i ride it. I usually end up sore between the shoulder blades on long rides, but I've now got a tank bag which reduces this dramatically because I can just lean on that and take the weight off my muscles in that region.

    Enjoy your new bike and try to keep the shiny side up!

  3. Another piece of advice (for all riding) is just relax! Don't hold the handlebars tightly :)
  4. Just remember to keep your wrists low and really use your legs and stomach muscles to keep you in the right position, if you do this you shouldn't have any real problems with sore back, wrists, etc.
  5. The riding position will probably feel weird at first but don't worry you'll soon get used to it - then you'll wonder how anyone can ride sitting upright. You will find that parts of you might start to cramp up so make your rides short to start off with then gradually increase the distance - you'll soon get used to it.
  6. Well my 5 cents!

    im 31 now but when I was 21 I got my bike lic (L's) and 3 months after getting them I bought a sporty Honda 250 (think its called the VT250F2).

    Anyway I rode from Hobart in Tassie to Gympie in N QLD over 2 weeks.. It was somehting I still tlak about with people today.. the best experience of my life!..

    Oh and to get to the point.. Every part of my body ached for a little while.. then by about week 2 I started to get accustomed to the riding position and didnt notice fatigue other than general tiredness at all.

    So long rides make you shoulders, wrists, back a little sore but you kinda get used to it. Short rides you shouldnt notice to much at all as your often pulling up at lights etc.. and regardless eventually your body kinda adjusts,,, maybee you build up new muscles

    The End
  7. Theres a term used called "ride fit". Riding a bike for a long distance is very demanding on your body, esp a sports bike. My non-riding friends dont get it when I tell them I have just riden 800 kays in a day and Im stuffed. Also when riding longer distances, change your muscle use during the trip. Use your lower back for a while, then try and use your thighs for a while. sounds dumb but when put into practice it does help.
  8. I went from a kwakka z250 to a CBR250R and it was definetely strange at first, but you get used to it very quickly. The problem i had at first was a sore neck from the different position, just be sure to move your neck around while riding. I learnt later that the joints/muscles in the neck actually get sore from lack of movement, not over movement.

    Once i started to relax up on it a little more things felt better and i could ride more smoothly. Anyway good luck with the new bike and take care!
  9. Awesome news UCANTTME, congraltulations on your purchase.

    Off topic, and I hope you don't mind me asking, but how much was your final price for the GT250R, I'm interested because I plan on getting one myself, (probably a red one :cool: ), and I'm trying to get the best price I can.

    I know your in NSW and I'm in Vic, but its still interesting to know what your full price with on roads costs was.

    Thanx in advance
  10. Spend as much time as you can on it, a couple of days of road trippin if you can, and you'll have it down pat in no time.
  11. i saw one of these for the first tome this morning, canary (is that how u spell it) yellow.. I thought it was a bigger bike..looks like a 600 when not up close.

    Nice brakes for a 250!

    Im interested in what sort of $$ as well (just out if interest)


    P.S This is the one yeah http://www.hyosungmotors.com.au/GT250R.html
  12. Find youself a quiet shopping centre car park and do some practice riding around, turns, u-turns, stops and starts, etc, just to get the feel of how EVERYTHING works, not just the actual riding position.
    And, since you're in Sydney, keep an eye out for another 'Newbies welcome' ride' the last one through the National Park was a real success and the beginner riders had a great time (us oldies DIDN'T turn it into a race!)
  13. relax have fun, plenty of good advice to listen too :grin:

    Cheers :cool:
  14. Hey, just wanna say a big thanks for all this advice, im sure ill put it all into practice when the time comes to get on and ride.
    In reply to LeMMin9's question, its selling cost is $6500, insurance is killing me being just under $2000 and a few hundred dollars for rego so ive successfully put myself in debt for the next 18 months lol, but everytime i look at it it just seems so worth it! the insurance rates ive been told and expected to fall and since the GT250R is korean the parts are slighting cheaper and that will help out that even more, but anoying yet comforting i havent been able to book anything L's courses till Late feb, at least ill be able to get some money in order by then lol ill keep you posted on how everything goes, thanks again, feel free to keep spilling advice!
  15. Riding position

    Im new to riding on the road as well, at the moment im riding a ZX2R C model, so its the usual lean over the bars deal.
    What i have found that helps is arching your back in a way that points your stomach at the tank.
    Dont force it, just remind yourself to adjust your posture while riding. It straightens your back which lets you relax your shoulders, you will find that you dont get a crick in your neck from peering up and the pain between the shoulders goes away too.

    Also if you do get into trouble on the bike your more balanced and relaxed so your less likely to drop it.

    Try it, if it feels wrong, dont do it anymore, but it has definately helped me adjust from an upright sitting position to one that makes me feel like im laying on the road.

    Have fun,
  16. Good work with the price, $6500 seems to be the best round at the moment, NSW and VIC, but then you've got the on roads not included which brings it up a little. I've been quoted just under $7300 on road, but hoping to use some bargaining power and get it to and even $7000 or under, that's the price I want. :LOL:

    $2000 for insurance is a killer...how old are you ucanttme? I got a quote over the phone from RACV (not sure what it's called up your way) for fully comprehensive market value and the premium was only a little under $700. Either way, ouch! :cry:

    Will keep you informed what ends up happening with my buying experience, until then.... :( I WANNA BIKE DAMMIT :shock: :LOL:
  17. Im 17, hence the insurance. i cant afford to run a car, i need the transport and ive loved motorcycles my whole life, i just wanna learn everything i can about them, ( im even building one for my HSC lol )

    Another thing about the price, my father is trying to get a GT650R and when he asked about maybe lowering the price a tad the reply was that since these bikes are so popular atm, they dont need to lower the price for a sale cause they know they can get it sold for the set market price due to its demand, basically first in best dressed and willing to pay, thats why i dropped a deposit on mine cause i sure as hell wasnt letting my black gt250r leaving with anybody else lol.
  18. well congrats on the bike little man.
    Just ride it easy for a while... you'll find it quite wierd at the start. Try not to lean your weight on your wrists.
    Thing with sports bikes is its not really made for 'traffic' riding... a little hard to do slow turns but i find counter balancing useful.

    Insurance you should go get a quote with AAMI. I used to work out premiums there. Bike insurance at AAMI doesnt base it on AGE its only based on Engine capacity/postcode and NCB. I reckon you will be able to get insurance for under a 1k.... let me know what they charge.
  19. Imajo, just went onto the AAMI website and NSW wasnt listed in their motorcycle policy???
  20. What is the NCB based on then??