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newbie-aprilia pegaso strada 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. hey all i've been reading magazines and forums and been thinking about which bike i'd like to have. although there are so many to choose from there is a review in the latest "australian motorcycle news" magazine about the aprilia pegaso strada 650 yet to be released in oz. reviews had lots of good things to say about this bike. check out the webpage:


    things i like is that it is marketed as being a fun city bike which can do it all. ie sports riding, some touring but basically just fun! plus i've been very curious about the super motards cause they look like they're alotta fun. i'm not a top speed sorta person so sport bikes aren't for me. all i want is something easy to live with, fun, easy to maintain, will last awhile, can do some dirt stuff, absorb potholes, easy for a beginner.

    now there's alot in these forums about v-twins, inlines, 2 and 4 strokes but i'd like to know more about these single cylinders. in particurlar
    a) are they relatively maintenance free?(i don't want the hassles that 2-strokers have)
    b) do the engines last as long as the 4-strokers? or do the singles have a shorter lifespan?
    c) do i have to service these bikes more regularly? do they cost more to service?
    d) are these bikes easy to live with?

    thanks all, i've been looking at alotta bikes and this one's got me excited cause i'm saving up for an upgrade. also i was hoping that these may be LAMS? cause the KTM LC 640SM is. dunno about the suzuki DRZ400SM though
  2. The Strada is actually here. A1 in Ringwood/ Vic have got one on the floor.
    We're on number 4 of the previous model, actually the one before that, the carbed 650 Pegaso Cube. That and the currently superseded injected model (but otherwise identical) are LAM's bikes. The new Strada also should be, it's a 650 single/ 50hp. if it's not, make it so by submitting it.

    Are they fun? Shit yeah !! Easy to live with? Yeah ! The Peg Cube and I.E. were/ are more maintenance intensive than the Strada should be, the older models using various incarnations of Rotax 500/600/650 cc engines, the Strada is a straight-across yamaha XTZ watercooled 660, which has proven itself over zillions of miles for nearly 2 decades in various bikes (all the MZ Scorpions/ baghira etc. for instance)

    The Rotax needs slightly more attention but has proven a solid performer.
    Across the 3 Pegs we've had/ 1 still have since early 1999, none of them ever let us down. They've seen hard work on road and partially off as well (for that type of bike, anyway) and only a blown thermostat spoiled a day during all that time.
    We've had each of them for between 22.000-56.000km.
    Check the Pegaso newsgroup on Yahoo
    (you'll find mainly Rotax-based stuff in there as the Strada hasn't been around for too long yet) and you'll see quite a few 100.000++km guys in there.

    The Strada is way more road-orientated than the previous models, but a big-single has got something that no other bike is able to make up for:
    Light weight/ punch/ huuuge engine braking/ compression lockups are so easy to use to get the bike set into a tight corner under steam with hardly any brakes/ and... and....
    Yo, i'm a singles-fan, no doubt, even though there's only one of them in the garage nowadays.
    They can easily be toured on as well, but the fairly high revs at normal highway-speeds make it a bit tiring over long stretches.
    It's a GRIN-choice type of bike...
    ...and the Strada will also be cheaper to maintain than previous Rotax versioons, for parts just see your Yammie dealer/ also plenty of aftermarket parts available for that engine.

    Edit: Forgot...big singles are real weapons in the twisties....once used to compression-lockup-backing-in, front-tyres can last as little as 5000km, rears about 7500Km :D :LOL:
  3. BTW livingstone, I may be reading you wrongly but it seems you're getting confused between 2-stroke, 4-stroke and different cylinder configurations like twins, inline 4's, singles etc.

    ie. "b) do the engines last as long as the 4-strokers? or do the singles have a shorter lifespan?"

    The Peg is a single cylinder 4-stroke... Stroke being the action of the cylinder, "single" relating to the fact that the engine only has one cylinder.
  4. wow loz..........i think you've sold me on the singles.......sounds perfect for what i want!

    yeah your right........i meant do the singles last as long as the 2-strokers and multicyclinder bikes

    hmmm, very interesting.....can't wait for a test ride!
  5. The new Yammie XT660X might be another option, more towards the SM camp, not much good on the touring with that skinny seat, selling at $10k onroad though (forget the sticker price), same engine as the Strada.

    The Pegaso has the better chassis/suspension according to all OS comparos.
    Unlike the old Pegaso, the Strada is NOT designed for dirt at all (17" front wheel etc., same as the XT) You can still snare yourself an "old" 650 IE at $10k onroad runout price at the moment, if you're quick.
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  7. Whoa, Nelly. I'm not taking the blame for anything Ze Craissy Germansz tell ya! It was Glitch! It was Glitch! Or, "Pegaso Pete" as the blokes in Bike Barn Ringwood call him... So you can expect a certain Pegaso bias! :)
  8. :butt: :butt: :butt: :LOL:
  9. OH, so it's like THAT is it?

  10. Strada

    Rode the Pegaso Strada recently and apart from a lack of ground clearance, being a bit heavy at almost 200kgs wet and a stupidly low seat height (for me) it was sensational. Definitely a brilliant single cylinder road bike. Ride one!

    Rob Smith
  11. Re: Strada

    Good to hear it from someone who's had a ride on one...your gripes should vanish with the release of the TRIAL version in about 6 weeks.
  12. One thing to watch out for.... If you have spent riding life on a 4 cylinder bike and then move to a single.... You will find that the engine braking is 4 times as powerfull.... So take it easy in the first few weeks because I would imagine this would take a fair bit to get used to......
  13. You're DEAD RIGHT, it can bite badly.
    ...and it takes quite a bit longer than a few weeks to get the feel for it.
    Then again...there just about nothing better than backing a big single into a sharpish bend at 80kph, kicking it from 3. to 2. just before the tip-in point, NOT blipping the throttle to match revs...the rea braking traction and breaking out all at the same time, then throttle to the stop as on opposite lock, firing it out sideways way before the apex....while all the multis are still feathering gas and brakes.
    When it all comes together...it's heaven :grin: :grin:

    AND...all at legal speeds !!
    If Mr. Plod objects... " musta slipped into the wrong gear, phew...what a lucky save !! "
  14. Singles are way cool! good choice :grin:

    Regarding lifespan, they will last easily as long as any mulitcylinder bike. Better in a lot of cases in fact, because they're not as high revving.

    Also, say after 150'000km's the engine does give up and you need a rebulid, New pistons/rings etc.. It'd be much cheaper and easier than on a multicylinder bike.

    Regarding maintenance, Singles are probally the cheapest bikes you can get. They are much easier to service, as you only need to adjust say 5 valves on a single cylinder, instead of up to 16 on a multi :shock: . They're also easy to diagnose any problems. If you're not getting a good spark/compression/fuel to one of your pistons, guess which one it would be?
    They're cheaper to service generally because of this ease of use too.
  15. singles are brilliant, and that one looks very nice.