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Newbie and VTR250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ypkhaw, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    After being a lurker on this forum for the last 6 months, I thought I would make my first post now as I have finally took the plunge and got my first bike last weekend - hence qualifying as a netrider! YAY!... :D

    It's a black 1999 Honda VTR250... Have yet to take it out for a "proper" ride though, as I'm slowly building up the confidence to begin "sharing the road" with the other vehicles...

    I've made a few plans for the bike already... :p
    On the list at the moment are:
    1) a windshield
    2) a shift light
    3) an alarm

    Anyway, hope to see some of you guys on the road soon - once, I get bored just riding around the block... hehe... :)
  2. You qualify as a netrider when you pay the exorbitant fee...
  3. when you get around to buying a windshield, check out http://www.shaggydogfairings.com (there's a pic in the gallery) - so far it's the best looking one i've come across for the VTR :D
  4. Hey ypkhaw,

    Congrats on the L's and a top choice of bike!

    My 99 VTR250 is red and has the windshield. Zippy little machine.

    Screen came with the bike, so no idea where else you should look for one other than the link already given.

  5. *JINX*
    Well how about that ypkhaw...
    I bought a 99 black vtr on the weekend as well!
    First stop was in to Peter Stevens to get a fly screen, I bought the original honda accessories one and it is SO UGLY, it is being returned today.
    I've managed to scam a nice little black screen from my uncles cagiva raptor... it is the best one I've seen so far... I'll post back when I find out where he got if from :)
  6. Congrats xoraak and ypkhaw on the VTR purchases. :)
    You have quite possibly made the best step forward in choosing either:

    1. A great cheap commuter
    2. THE BEST Learner's bike on the market

    I once had a black VTR too, I miss it!

    Enjoy the bikes boys....
  7. Disagree :shock: :shock:
  8. ypkhaw - just reading your initial post, why would you need a shift light?
    I had my VTR250 for almost 10 months, and I could tell by the sound of the engine, and just in general when you needed to change gears.

    If you put a decent pipe on the little vtwin, it will sound incredible, almost too incredible for a 250! And with the tone of the exhaust, together with the engine you probably wouldn't need a shift light. Know what I mean?

    As for the alarm, what sort of an alarm?

    I reckon the old disc lock is a good thing, or better still tie it to a pole when parking it. I think there's enough room under the seat to put a lock or cable in there.
  9. xoraak - congrats on your excellent purchase as well!... Great minds think alike! :LOL:
    Yeah, post back when you find out where your uncle got the screen from.

    rengel - the shift light is more for bling than anything else... :D
    I am getting one of these: http://www.ecliptech.com.au ... supporting victorian innovation!!!

    And as for the alarm, was thinking of getting one of those Cheetah alarms off ebay... cheaper than a Xena disc lock?!...
  10. i was looking at buying one of these as well however attaching them to a bike with no tach is where things get complicated. it is possible, but not quite as easy as connecting '"just three wires". send an email to the guy behind ecliptech, he's really helpful when it comes to answering questions and seeing as though you're in VIC, he'd probably do the installation for you as well.

    however IMO if you want bling factor, you would be better off putting the money towards a staintune ;)
  11. xxsteve- sorry :D , should have added "...UGLY IMHO", it just looks a bit out of place such a large screen on such a small bike!
    (also probably should have added it works like a treat- stopping that damned wind blast)

    rengel- I am enjoying your bike! (or, ex bike as it is...)
    she's gone to a good home. Man that exhaust is sweet :)

    ypkhaw- I bought one of those disc locks from peter stevens, $39 and does the job no worries. It's a good visual deterant, and it even fits under the seat with the tools there as well!
    Black screen should be going on this weekend some time... I'll try and post some pics as well.
  12. xoraak - No probs.
    I hope you enjoy the bike as much as I did :D
    Might see you on one of these netrider ride days during summer one day.. ;) You know what to look (and listen) out for .. hehe :twisted:
  13. Indeed rengel, and come summer time you should be able to use the centre stand too!!!
    ha ha ha :LOL:
    I'm sure the other viffers will have remus jealousy.
  14. xoorak - yer I suck at the Centre stand thing.. :D HAHAHAHAH
    I've been practising heaps lately, but the biggest crap is, trying to take the centre stand down WHILE the bike is on a bit of a hill...
    Not easy...

    The remus do sound good don't they.. ;)
    So did the VTR... *sniff*
  15. josh909 - I've discussed it over with Tony of Ecliptech, in fact, I've made payment for one already... :D
    The problem is not so much not having a tacho, but rather trying to hunt down a wiring diagram for the VTR250... So, if anyone has the wiring diagram handy it will save me a lot of time poking around with a multimeter this weekend...
    Will post up a write-up for the fellow VTR250'ers when it's done!... :)

    xoorak - yes, yes, photos when it's installed!!!