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Newbie and 3 guys who are amazing who are they?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wannabe, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. G'day all Im new to riding and a new member of netrider (3 months)
    No wonder you have so many member $5 gee thats cheap.

    Im a new rider of just on a year.
    Im 20 and a forklift driver from Pakenham.
    I ride a Honda NSR250

    Whilst on my frequent trips around i have seen 3 guys ride, They seem to ride everywhere, and there quite darn quick i might ad. They ride the hills In Melbourne, and have seen them at the recent toy run.
    I Recognised the bikes first, then there jackets. Wanted to chat to them but i was a little nervous, being so new and them being so good.

    I saw the 3rd guy kiss a hot dark haired woman at the MRA merchandise Tent, so hell no i wasn't go to introduce myself. I don't want to come across like a stalker. lol

    Ok best i tell you a little about them in case someone knows them or knows of them.

    One guy never seems to use his brakes, no fear that guy. Darn great rider in my eyes, no just because of no brakes but his ability is amazing. ZX10 i think he has.

    Then there is the second guy/girl i think he is the size of a 16 yr old quite small and slender. Puts his feet up on the back pegs at times. Not sure on his bike. he gets it right over.

    Then there is the third guy, taller but not as big as the first guys. Rides an FZR600
    He seems to be getting better everytime i see him. He has picked up so much in the last 3 months, this is my opion not sure on what they or others say or think.

    Mind you when i see them im either stopped or they fly past me. And trying to catch them at my ability is not possible, im not at there level, it would be darn stupid of me to even try.

    My question is how do i found out who they are?
    What club they are with if any. Im hoping they might be able to give me some pointers.

    Any ideas on who they are?

    Thanks Simon
  2. Welcome to the forums wannabe,

    For some reason you sound like a cop :)
  3. welcome wannabe. This is a good forum, and we've discussed the paltry membership fee on many occasions!
    I can't remember the name of the guy but I remember a VFL coach (as it was then) being asked the secret of his long-term success. He said "I hang around with young people." He then added "and the way to feel OLD is to try and keep up with them!"
    Your "inspired three" are obviously well-versed in their bikes and you will be too with practice and experience. You may never be able keep up with them, however :LOL:
  4. lol no mate just REALLY envious. Guess thats why no replies then hahahah

    Im an ok rider as in so far have managed to keep it up right, and if i can get some hints and tips i will be stoked.
    I see many tossers ride and i don't want to ride like that., As in cutting in and out of traffic, lanesplitting scratching cars etc.

    I don't have any mates who ride so thought why not ask.

    Now im all embrassed :oops:
  5. Hmm, I second that.

    Don't like this one.

  6. with a name like "enforcer"

    so do you
  7. Welcome to the forums mate. Good to have another 2 stroker and an NSR rider too! 8)
  8. c'mon guys, a 20 year old policeman on a motorcycle forum, it's ok to be alert but not alarmed, but isn't THAT getting paranoid?
  9. I always thought it sounded like I was a porno star :LOL:
  10. Hey i asked if anyone knew of them not there home address and licence number. LOL

    Whats the difference between asking if you know of them and saying have you seen that girl on a red hornet in a mini skirt go past.
    yeah you would all say oh her she has a pink jacket and is around 23.

    A simple no mate no idea would surfice.
  11. I have an idea on who 2 of them might be. Just say G'day next time you see them and ask about their bikes :)
  12. "Man with Blue Hornet desires to meet girl in mini-skirt with Red Hornet, object, platonic friendship, (of course!)" :LOL:
  13. You forgot to mention that hot stud on the ZZR
  14. Whats this $5 membership thing?
  15. Or a V8 Supercar driver.
  16. Welcome wannabe. :)

    Well this could be the start of something entirely new. :-k Shouldn't be too long now before some hot chick posts here wanting to meet the goose she saw on a red ER-5. :LOL:

  17. Hahahahahaha...Russell Ingall actually did just get his bike licence.....c'mon russell is it you???
    Those three riders were Steve Richards, Daryl Beattie and Greg Rust...lol...lol....lol :D :D :D :D
  18. A $5.00 application processing fee is required to cover the costs of your membership card, postage, and handling

    yeah thats $5 so to me thats a $5 for membership i did i read it wrong?

    I hope to say hi if i see them again. Mouth if you see them can you tell them they have a fan, and one day hope to be able to shake there hands.

    No idea where, have been reading forums hoping to see there bikes mentioned or something along those lines. No luck yet.
    Found one over on MRA but no mention of his bike . They pass comment on his riding skills so not sure if it's him or not.

  19. Yeah I know this guy and when I next bump into him , he'll be a used turkey :)