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Newbie Alert!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Narene, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hi all!

    I just joined NR as advised to by my partner :)
    I wasn't a member but i read loads of forums online when deciding which bike to purchase as my very first. A Honda VT250 just so happened to win as it fit my student sized wallet, availability of parts and the fact that its a joy to ride! :D

    I've been on two rides so far! One of which my battery died! LOL But hey! I got to learn how to roll start it! :D So that's a plus, seeing as im tiny just took it down a downhill and put it in third gear! Bleh, i need a new battery now though. :?

    Any recommendations of where i could get a cheap battery in melbourne?

    Have a good day guys!
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  2. Welcome to NR NareneNarene
    Sorry can't comment on the battery but I'm sure one of the 'Southerners' will pipe up soon.
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  3. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. It could also be a problem with your charging system.
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome :cool:
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. VTR250 is a nice bike, battery should be around $50 from Supercheap auto or similar. But as others suggested make sure it is charging, can check with a multimeter if you or a friend has one.
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  8. Welcome to a lifetime of addiction to two wheels!
  9. Welcome NareneNarene .................. and just who is this mysterious partner of yours who advised you join NR??

    As others have said - check your charging, otherwise you may be getting very proficient at bump starts :whistle:
  10. Haha I told her to sign up, We'll grab a multi-meter and check the spada using the battery from my 250 as well, hopefully its a quick fix :)
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  11. Lol, mystery solved then! Fingers crossed it's just the battery
  12. Yeah hopefully, It has been sitting for a bit and i've got no clue on how old the battery is in the first place. Great condition bike for the age though hopefully it'll be quick and easy to solve.
  13. Welcome fellow newbie.

    I too just bought a vtr250 this week my first bike and yeah good times.
  14. Haha, thanks all! Im going to this motorcycle shop around the corner to ask about the battery. Hopefully they will have a spare one laying around that i could just try out before investing in a new battery and it turns it that's not the problem :/
  15. I hope you have as much fun on it as i have! :D got all your gear yet? so far i've only managed to get gloves (that fit) LOL. The rest of my gear is doesn't fit that great :eek:
  16. Hahah yeah got all my gear before i even booked my L's. You better get all your gear.

    It's fun man but these drivers are scaring me too shits tbh. Like im just like wtf. And they can clearly see im on my l's
  17. The L attracts them!
  18. Hello Narene
  19. Why does that sound like Hannibal Lecter in my head ?
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