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Newbie Alert

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BanzaiElise, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Salutations NetRiders.
    Freshly minted motorcycle learners license for an older driver. Been enjoying browsing the fora over the last couple of days and picking up lots of useful bits of information.

    Looking for the right bike to go through my Ls and Ps. Haven't tried too many yet but short list looks like VTR250, CBR250, CB400, SV500, 620Monster. The VTR is the current favourite but I haven't ridden the 400 or 500 yet. The new CBR250 is probably the most sensible option but I prefer a smoother engine.

    My usual weapon of choice is a Lotus Elise and for racetrack and twisty roads it will remain so. Looking at a bike primarily as a commuter. 20km each way with about 50/50 freeways and secondary roads. Fortunately I rarely commute during peak hours.
  2. Nice handle! Hello and welcome.

    If you're happy chucking an Elise about, I'd predict you'll get bored with the little slow bikes pretty quickly. There are mid sized sporty bikes you'd enjoy, and grow into in terms of use fairly quickly, but they aren't cheap transport. ... but if you can afford to race track an Elise, you can probably afford to run an R6 or similar.

    The CB400 and the SV500 are both good learner mounts and should be fairly cheap transport.
  3. :smileysex:

    Pics of the Elise? Dream car. :)
  4. Scaring a passenger at Marulan Driver Training Centre:

    And on one of my favourite stretches of bitumen.
  5. why do you cross onto the wrong side of the road?
  6. my thoughts exactly
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  7. Be fair guys, he was only on the other side of the road 50% of the time.
  8. maybe he wanted to kill the chicken on the other side?
  9. ... yeah ... I think you'll outgrow a cb400 pretty quick.

    Time to get yourself what Clarkson calls a leather romper suit.
  10. then texting on the phone 20%
    changing CD's 20%
    conentrating 10%
  11. the first half of the run was safe but on the second half hes into on coming lane around blind corners glad he lives in nswales
  12. Hello, hope you enjoy riding. One day, when you decide to enjoy a nice ride through the twisties on which ever bike you select, I hope you don't get knocked off by a car that's on the wrong side of the road. That would suck, hey.
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  13. That's a sick Elise, cool to see one that isn't that same bloody silver colour (which is still nice). I'll have one. One day!

    If he's had a CD player fitted...
  14. not much to say for himself
  15. wow really?
    geez i hope to fuck you get killed before you kill someone
  16. A newbie is someone new to something...

    A n00b is someone who thinks they're good because they've been doing something for a long time, and still can't get it right.

    You can guess what I'm thinking about your driving ability. I've barely started to Ride... but I know your one of the people i DREAD to meet, either on the road, or in person... I fear a dead body would result in either case