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Newbie ALERT!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by psychey, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. 8-[

    Good morning / afternoon / evening everyone,

    How are you all?

    Newbie here!

    ...I look forward to meeting some of you at some stage.

  2. Hi and welcome. What bike are you riding?
  3. G'day mate

    Fun Ha!
  4. Hi Quo Vadas, I am riding a Kawasaki Ninja 250R. How about you?

  5. Hi Ohmigosh, right now, the learning process is fun but nerve wreaking. I think the fun part is when I get my Ps. I will get there one day. :-s

  6. Hellloooo
    Dont let those nerves get the best of ya :D keeping calm is a key to easy riding :)
  7. I will try. Thanks gsxr1000ben.
    So far the cras in the uiet streets have been patient and understanding especially when stalling at a stop. LOL
    I don't think major road traffic will be as merciful.

  8. Welcome in mate
  9. Welcome to Netrider, Psychey :)
  10. Thanks Goz and Netrider.

    So far not even reaching 24 hours of registering, I have come across only one quirky member. LOL

    Other than that, the community has been really helpful. :)

  11. Currently have a CBR250RR but it's on the market for sale as i'm upgrading to either a Daytona 675 or CBR600RR. Still deciding.............
  12. go the Daytona :D Sexy bike! I sure have a soft spot for them lol
  13. Gaytona? Go the R6 mate :D
  14. Go a Yammie or a Gixxer. Have you considered the GSXR750?
  15. I'm not into gixxers and I just love the look and the way that the Daytona handles/rides. Some people like Macs......I like PC's. Give me a Daytona gaytime anyday!
  16. LOL gaytona ... I'm not saying anything else *wink*
  17. Fair enough mate !
    Good luck then with your bike purchase. You seem very set on the Gaytona =D>

    PS - I recently converted from PC to Mac and near punched myself for not having done it sooner (y)

    Best of luck with your current bike sale.

  18. Ohhhhh, I'm PC all the way. Let's not get into that debate. Hopefully the bike sells soon so I can get my new bike. :beer:
  19. Oooo! Love Mac! Used both before, and have proven that Mac is far more superior. LOL
  20. Hearing you, psychey !
    I cringe on the odd occasion that I have to use a PC, though I procrastinated for a long time to try out the Mac..hence my comment above.