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newbie again saw all the topics but i have my own issues

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by jkb666, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. hi all, names josef, from melbourne.

    ive always likes bikes and am lookin at the 250 cruisers atm also lookin at a cheap car, never hurts to have the 2 right?

    anyways as some of ther others mentioned i like the suzuki, yamaha, hyosung, etc etc u kno em all

    main ones i been checking out are the intruder, aquila, and the eliminator, all beautiful bikes.

    really like em as their possibly same sorta size as a bigger bike, now im lookin for sumthin big and comfy in a 250 with some grunt as im about 110 to 130 kilos, 6ft etc and just need some advice, so the more the merrier, any other info you need to help me out better im happy to provide.

    thanks all :) good to be here.
  2. 250s are smaller, they have to be. Just get a zzr until lams gets to you.
  3. go and get a honda vt 600....................lams approved and all that is good for a bigger rider....................don't want ya to look like a gorilla on a tricycle :LOL:
  4. Dario, that's such an unhelpful post! Did you read the bit about Josef being interested in cruisers???

    Josef, there's no such thing as a 250 with real world grunt - but any 250 will get you rolling - albeit at reduced acceleration given your weight mate!

    Not sure when Lams is coming in, but that part of Dario's advice is right... a detuned 600 cruiser of some kind would probably suit you best while learning.

    Having said that, Kwaka's 250 cruiser is a nice looking beast :)
  5. reminds me when i had to ride this mongoose through the city built 4 9 year olds... i made people happy that day il tell u i couldnt even pedel the thing
  6. The VT-600 might not be available to him in Melbourne yet, I don't think their LAMS scheme has been instituted. Still, you could move to NSW :LOL:.

    {Sorry, rob, that's not helpful either, is it?? :LOL:}
  7. Technically its more helpful than the one he wanted to hear, I could say go for a vt250 or somthin then hel be pissed off within the week he bought it... or I would be. I have the xvs 650, thats a good size im 6"2 or somthing but I still want foward controls. This bloke being 6ft wouldnt enjoy that little hotted up postie anymore than I would So i say, forget the cruiser until lams gets to him because he wouldnt be able to cruise on it anyway.
  8. Dario, have you met NR's Voyager? He's a mod in road diaries forum. He's both taller and heavier than Josef and he did his time on a 250 Virago... :shock: :shock:

    He still rides a cruiser - but his current ride is a mutha of bike.

    Technically, you assumed alot about Josef - he might absolutely adore 250 cruisin... but telling a cruiser guy to get a zzr without any explanation just warranted a comment. Anyway... it's a moot point. I see Josef is over on the virago vs intruder thread...

    Hornet, your post was definitely more helpful. :)
  9. well im only just turned 20 so i doubt lams will help me anyway lol but yeh due to special circumstance with they let you have a bigger bike? like sum1 said before, gorilla on a trycicle does come to mind i wanna feel comfortable both on the seat and in my mind y'know? :)
  10. LAMS is about what bike is deemed suitable for a learner. You're age is irrelevant.

    Victoria doesn't have LAMS yet, instead we have the blanket <<249cc restriction.
  11. ah ok but would they make an acception?
  12. No age exemptions in Victoria.
    But if you can wait till June/July then bikes like the VT600/650 and restricted 650 Aquila become learner legal.
  13. Hi Josef and welcome.
    There is a number of simalar riders here, I'm one of them.
    Around 100kg, but only 5 foot 15 inches!

    Bought myself a Suzi 250 Intruder last November. I love it, but I'm not looking for speed or thrills. Still, when I twist the throttle I got to hang on, It might not mono with me on board, but around city its great.
    Also looked at the Yammy, & Kwaka - found the yammy felt too small, loved the kwaka but the extra $$$ made it not viable for me.
    My kids think I do look like the 'gorrilla on a bike', all-be-it a skinnier one.

    Three months later I am already canvassing option on my next bike, a 750 to 900cc cruiser which will be my long term bike.

    If you can wait for LAMS to arrive (possible mid this) year then wait. The difference between a 250 and a 650 is worth it.

    I didn't wait as I knew that ultimately I wanted something around the 900cc mark, which is bigger than any LAMS. So I saved money by buying small for the moment, until my restrictions are removed, and got on a bike sooner.

    Bottom line: If you're set on a cruiser style, the 250's will all be good to learn on until you get a bigger one. If you wait you can start on a 650, but that too may feel too small soon.

    Go sit on them.

    Interesting to hear which way you choose.

  14. seriously guys been on the site for 6 hours and uve helped me a shit load excuse the language since lams are coming out so soon i can deffinately wait, and buying a used 600cc bike is definately a more viable and practicle option for a big bloke like me and as im planning a 2nd hand car in the works aswell waiting isnt a problem :) love you guys already :D just wondering tho do you think they will allow the 750's? because from what i see in the new bikes selection thats the lowest after the 250 these days i havnt seen any new 600's about accept the hyosung...
  15. oh also! now i kno about lams anyone got suggestions on 650 cruisers?:p and does anyone know how the older 600 eliminators go>?
  16. More than likely they'll just copy the NSW system of <150kw/tonne and <660cc - so I think the Hyo is the only new option. Secondhand there's things like the VT600, Virago 535 and 650 V-star to choose from.
  17. sorry to spam post but how about the shadow like the other poster suggested or a v-star? or yamaha dragstar?
  18. aV2FfTYr.

    Iv got one of these, different colour. The one in the photo has been lowered, with a few extra bits bolted on like new bars, mirrors. engine guards hes trimmed down the stock seat and removed emblems... harley horn here, indicators there and .. as the picture says. sex on wheels.

    And its even better with an exhaust and an air kit....

  19. beautiful bike in the pics wat is it :|

    and yeh i love the v-star 650 look i saw a modified one with white walltyers on evolution yamaha, gorjuz thing that