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Newbie #9384291 from western Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sage91, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Hey all, just another relatively new rider from the western suburbs of Sydney!

    25 years of age, first bike being my red r3 which I purchased around 2 months ago! Just looking to learn as much as I can really and hopefully link up with some riders here!

    Have hit up the old pac through to Gosford a few times now. Did a natio run through to bundeena and Wollongong this weekend which was a treat!

    2000kms in and every day I can't wait to get back on. Wishing I started when I was younger, but better late than never I guess!
  2. Hi and welcome to NR Sage91Sage91 . 25 is late huh? Many of us had to wait a bit longer than that to start. Learn lots and stay safe. :happy:
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  3. It seems I've also broken the space-time continuum being on two wheels and skipped forward 12 months of my life! Haha being only 24 my self.

    Thanks for the welcome!
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  4. :banghead: 24! Well that just made me feel a WHOLE lot better! :D

    Oh and nice bike, by the way. I sat on one and really liked it but it's just a tad too tall for me.
  5. If 25 is old, what do you consider to be young? Better late then never indeed.
  6. Thanks! The ergonomics are a perfect fit for my self, which makes these longer rides a lot more comfy! What are you riding at the moment?

    This is true haha. You just hear a lot of riders starting as kids etc etc. I'm kind of glad I started around this age due to being a bit more responsible and better inclined at making decisions on some, um, riskier riding moves haha
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  7. VTR250 and not much scope to move up in the way of sports or nakeds unfortunately. It's all good. So long as I get to ride.
  8. Welcome aboard, Sage91Sage91. Good to see another westie on the forum.

    *checks wallet*
  9. Hello and welcome to NR Sage91Sage91. 24 is "sage" indeed :ROFLMAO: I'm with GoldenberriGoldenberri, wish I started riding at 24, but as you say, better late than never (y) Enjoy life on two wheels and stay safe!
  10. They're beautiful bikes! As long as it keeps bringing a smile to your face every time you swing your leg over it and roll on the throttle, you'll never have anything to worry about :)
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  11. Hahah being an ethnic rider really doesn't help that stereotype either.. I'll return your wallet now.

    Thanks! I'm starting to feel as though I've started young now.. Haha

    All the best to you too :)
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  12. welcome aboard :]
  13. Thanks, jeffco! :)
  14. Neither does having ex-westies going around playing it up *cough*

    See you around the forums.
  15. G'day and welcome, Sage91Sage91. In 2012 the average learner rider age in Australia was 32 so you're well ahead of the curve.
  16. A true westie never changes, regardless of location. Now go jump some teenagers at your closest train station haha
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  17. Thanks for the welcome - and wow, there you go! I had no idea about age averages. I was honestly expecting around the 16-18 year old mark!
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  18. Welcome. There are quite a few rides going on in and around Sydney. Myself and a small group of others often do the Putty-Broke-Peats Ridge loop, Nasho through to Kangaroo Valley (did that today) and even better are the weekends away to some of the country's best bike roads.

    Let me know if you want to join us, as we often organise rides amongst ourselves and they are therefore not published on the forum.
  19. I'd absolutely love to join if you're okay with the idea of a learner attempting to keep up with the pace (okay- I'm not THAT slow haha.) The more experience I can get with other riders, the better. Pm me for any details you may need!
  20. I got my license when I was 17 im 18 now^_^ thought I was gonna kill myself ... (Still lost my license) lol .... Any who welcome to nr where in Western Syd u from mate?