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NeWbIe 20/M/Fraser Coast, QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by UpOn2, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post and I'm here to participate in rides and generally network with people whom share the same interest... BIKES!

    I'll throw some background info down just incase your extremely bored! ;)

    I have ridden dirtbikes from the age of about 12 right up till a year ago where I sold my WR250 '06!

    12 months go buy and I become able to purchase another bike and I make the choice of Suzuki's SV650S '09! It had less than 5,000km's on it with 12 months rego, I bought it privately for $7,600! Not a bad deal if you ask me!

    I've only had it for a month and have ben riding it on my RE as I can't upgrade to my R until April next year, thus the sig! :(

    I got busted and have copped a $533 fine including a 116 in 100 zone ticket! So now I'll play it safe and keep it in the shed! I WAS using it to commute to work everyday!

    So yeah, please don't get the impression I ride like a wang due to my speeding fine, I only say this just in case there are some people here who frown upon breaking QLD's contradictory road laws! I'm responsible, it was a dead straight road, undercover car, I got done, sucks to be me!

    So yeah once I get my R I'll be ready to go, just until then all I can do is talk (dream) about riding my practically brand new bike again!

    Thanks for reading and hope I can become of some use here!
  2. what was fine for riding wrong size class?
  3. Yeah the copper was all over the bike saying it's not Lams approved which it isn't!

    It is classed as unlicensed driving/riding! so it's $333 fine no points and you can actually be sent to court instead of recieving a fine! atleast he gave me the better option!

    But i've got a notifier on my rego now so if they type in my rego it will come up with the previous offence and I'll be pulled over for sure!
  4. Welcome dude!
  5. Thanks mate!

    I used to live down in Narre Warren South in vic about 3 years ago!

    Just did the ol relocate with the old man! Missin vic HEAPS! Ecspecially coppers who aren't arse wipes! ;) Up here due to my experience they are BRUTAL!