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Newbie 1996 GSXF750

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by andrewg, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. hi folks,

    great place this :)

    i live in the gold coast hinterland, home of some of australia's best roads and most insane riders. i ride (when it's not being eaten by rats) an ageing but ever so capable gsxf750 called, imaginatively, suzi. i've been in a relationship, serious, with suzi for 7 years now after getting back on bikes after 15 years or so.

    as i said, great place this and i look forward to meeting up with some of you around the gold coast area!

  2. Welcome, andrewg, look forward to riding with you!
  3. hi and welcome
  4. G'day and welcome Andrewg - I ride an F also ( 04 ) pretty much does everything I need of a bike at this stage - only been riding for 2 and bit yrs and had the F just on 12 months. Hear you got some great trails up there. If ever you're down in melb let us know and we'll show some pretty good southern stuff.
    Have Fun --
  5. You too carolf_au of course!!
  6. hey rossi_rick, bubbly, carolf_au (and everyone else),

    thanks for saying hi. glad to hear you like your baby busa too. i try to ride to sydney once a year, but haven't made the trip to melbourne yet.

    maybe if we can get a bunch of queenslanders for a trip 'round grand prix time....

    thanks again,
  7. no sweat - get in touch if you're ever down south - there's always heaps of rides happening -- have fun!!!
  8. Hi andrew, welcome to NR!
  9. Gday Andrew, Welcome to NR.
    I also have a GSXF '00 model.