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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by holmesboy, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    New to the forum.
    Currently dont have a road bike but race an RS125 Honda that has been converted to fit a CR80 in what is called the Motolites class.
    Essentially this is a class very similar to the GP80 class that they run over in the states and Japan.
    I am looking to add a Yamaha SR500 to the garage some time soon and would welcome offered from those wanting to offload theirs.
    Safe riding and remember to look out for the tin tops...

  2. Hey Holmesboy,

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find a few Netriders here who will be helpful in your search.

    I love the reference to 'tin tops' - haven't heard that before :p

  3. Welcome aboard, I hope you find the SR500 you are looking for. We have an SR500 guru on Netrider (Chairman), so if you do find one, you should have a direct line to all the info you need.
  4. Welcome Holmesboy.
    I thought RS125 was an aprilia. but I guess they ran out of cool letters and started sharing them with the off road world :grin:
  5. im.on.it....

    RS125 was a honda road racer last I checked....

  6. Thats right Olb Blue.....the RS125 is a Honda GP bike...
  7. Holmes.

    Yeah, I remember the RS's from my time in the race paddock. We used to run the GP125 class here in SA together with the 1000cc V-twins - great to watch those little giant killers at work. They regularly made the 1000cc boys look like numpties through the corners, and they always stole back on the bends what the big boys made up on the straights.

    In my humble opinion, if you can ride a 125 GP bike fast you know all about corner speed, and can probably ride anything fast.

    Good luck with the SR - they make amazing looking cafe racer projects, and are pretty handsome just in stock trim, as far as I'm concerned. Hope you find a good one.


  8. Riding the RS is the best thing ever.
    Nothing better then riding around the outside of R1's and GSXR1000's.
    Those guys are fast down the straight but by turn 1 I am right back up with them and around the outside of them by turn 2.
    My RS actually now houses a CR80 motor. It only puts out about 26hp but I am still faster at most circuits then the weekend warriors.
    The class that I race in is called Motolites. Similar to the GP80 class in the states and Japan.
    My RS80 was the first in Australia. There are now quite a few of us. It is quite an easy conversion to get the CR80 into the RS125 chassis.....
  9. Howdy Holmesboy.
  10. Onya Holmes.

    All that GP125 business reminds me of the halcyon days when I was just...well...getting out of road racing. Damn!

    Used to be a class back then (correct me if I'm wrong) that was called, I think, Moriwaki 80's. Sounds like the precursor to the Rs125/CR80 hybrid you write about. Lots of fun, deceptively fast. Giant killers that teach you how to hold corner speed and embarrass the big boys. My favourite sort of riding...

    More power to you. Hope the search for an SR500 is fruitful. I'll certainly let you know if I run across one.


  11. 'sup holmes, wha's kickin in DA hood?

    naaah, i cant do that :rofl:


  12. Yep the Mori 80...we also race against those guys as well. I had a Mori 80 myself before I decided to move across to the GP chassis.
    A fantastic, relatively cheap form of racing.
    Better being on the smelly side of the fence in my opinion.
    Cheers for keeping a look out for the SR too. Hopefully one comes up. I need another project...