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Newbi(k)e and some stupid questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cruzzzo, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Hi good people,

    Yes, yet another newbie with a 250 :D

    Here's my life-story, (disclaimer: it may be boring.)

    I am an international student, living in QLD , going to uni in Brisbane. Having used public transport for several months and getting fed up of being controlled in all aspects of life by bus schedules, I decided to get a motorbike for commuting.
    1. I have a valid bike+car license (non-australian), which should be valid for my stay here in Australia.
    2. I am OK with bikes, infact I love'em. (rode a 750 back home)
    3. Free parking in the city!
    4. No more bus schedules

    1. Dont know a biking soul in this country
    2. Dont know the ground rules

    Anyways, as always the case I didnt worry about the cons and started bike-shopping going thru whats available in here. It was love at first sight with a honda vt250c, and I knew I had to get one.

    OK, there was only one vt250c I could find in all of QLD. There were several available in VIC and SYD, but since I didnt know anything about interstate stuff just couldn't consider those. To cut a long story short, I bought this QLD vt250c for 5K. (it is a 1995 model)

    Was that too much for a '95 vt250c , guys? Or did somebody get a great deal out of an old bike??
    (stupid question 1)

    Bike is VGC though (see, at least I know the acronyms)

    more stupid questions:

    I heard that insuring is not compulsory for bikes, is that true? (it was compulsory in where I come from)

    What type of documentation a rider has to carry with him/herself? The seller converted the ownership to my name, but only have a receipt which doesnt have any mentioning of the rego or the current owner. Should there be a certificate type document stating the rego number and owner's name?

    What is the biker etiquette in australia? I discovered it's OK to go thru a stalled heavy traffic.

    Dont just laugh, I would like some answers, please. :D

    May you all be blessed by the bike-god
  2. welcome mate, congrats. on the new toy, 5k is a fair bit to spend on a 95 250, i'd love to get that for my 97 250 :D but if you love that model and there was only one, mehhh, enjoy it!


    insurance isn't compulsory (in victoria anyway), i don't have any but then i'm an idiot :roll: so perhaps consider getting at least 3rd party

    from what you've said it's not clear if you've passed the title of the bike into your name, did you have to pay vehicle transfer fees? (you have to in vic, probably similar in qld)

    you should have a number plate (point out the obvious) a rego sticker and your drivers/riders licence on you at all times.

    as for lane splitting it's more or less illegal but who could be stuffed sitting in traffic, especially in stinking hot qld :wink:

    others will answer your q's in more depth, anyway have fun riding in your new backyard :)
  3. Hey fox, appreciate your reply at 1.15 am mate. :)

    The previous owner and me filled up the transfer form, and he did the payments for me and gave me the receipt. May be I need to check with the QLD transport........

    Cool! I think I got all that :)
    Rgo sticker is an orange one. Dunno whether the color has a meaning.
    As I got to know later (I always get to know things late,..very late..as I ran into netrider AFTER I bought the bike) the rego can be done for either single rider or rider+passenger. Is that stated somewhere in the sticker?

    Oh, its illegal then..I saw lot of riders doing that and thought it must be OK. I even saw riders getting to the front line on red-light. It must be very-illegal then...

    Thanks mate
  4. More or less illegal?

    cruzzzo: welcome :) I'm hoping to get my licence and bike sometime soon, doing a riding course this weekend... I love the vt250c! Such an awesome looking bike :)

    The rego sticker color corresponds to the year. Every year it's a different color.
  5. that doesnt matter , it will help you meet people , here and also on overclockers (brissy / sydney type netrider site)

    stay upright

    cost is nothing , as long as you enjoy it then its not too much .
    if you think that by the time you sell it you have had $5k of enjoyment out of it , thats all that matters.

    get some kind of insurance , last thing you need is being sued for running up the arse of a rolls royce.
    drivers lic and condoms for when you pick up:D

    lane splitting , check road laws on that

    yourself also
  6. Your should take out what is called Third Party Property Damage insurance. This doesn't cover your bike, but does cover property or other vehicle damage if you have a biff. You shouldn't be riding without that.
    Call Western QBE, for example, and get a quote from them. It's not dear.
    Other than that, ride carefully and enjoy (and, no, they are not mutually exclusive!!) :LOL:
  7. Welcome dude!

    Take Groberts advice best ive heard so for! ;)

    You do now, Apparantly most the peeps here on netrider ride bikes... I could be wrong but...

    Yeah regardless of the fact they want me to do it or not, i don't like sucking down exhaust fumes...

    the only other etiquette i can think of is nodding... If its not gonna cause you to crash nod at every other bike coming past, most the time it'll give you some sorta warm fuzzy feeling on the inside ;)
  8. Hi guys ,one thing you havn't said yet its get a REVS check ,Its to make sure he guys realy did own the bike ,not a bank.
    Not sure of the number or if its a different company in QLD.

    cheers sled.
  9. howdy, what country you in from?

    as for insurance ring AAMI

    $82 for third party and 362 for full comp..covered for $4300, $1100 excess. at least for myself that is.

    but don't go without, at least third party.

    and i think from memory not all other country licenses are valid in aus. ring dep of transport and find out.
  10. you can pass on the right of a vehicle if you indicate, however if you're going between 2 lines of traffic and you cross the white line into the right hand lane you're then passing on the left and it's illegal, as it's almost impossible to stay on the left dodging mirrors etc it's more or less impossible to do it legally.
  11. Mate, I went through Western QBE to insure my bike.
    Yes it cost a fair bit to get full comp, but hey - if I rear end someone, or someone knocks me off, or the bike gets nicked, atleast I'm covered for everything.
    3rd party is good for cars in my opinion, not bikes.
    Full comp all the way! What are you going to do with 3rd party, when you're bike's written off? you're just gonna have to spend another $5k aren't ya!

    With insurance, just pay the excess ($400 or whatever depending on your history, age,etc) and you'll get a payout.

    Don't know QLD at all, but judging from the weather its perfect riding weather up there ATM :)
  12. Howdy demuire, thanks for the welcome.
    All the best for the course! Be quick cos Ipswich is having awesome weather for biking. :)
    Did you go for shopping in Moorooka? I went to the (Pro?)Yamaha place, but found the prices to be highly inflated.
  13. Thanks, will check that out

    I believe so, groberts. What a good suggestion :)
  14. Thanks for the Welcome , hornet :)
    I will check with QBE
  15. Awesome weather for biking? I would have thought it was a bit hot :p But good in the mornings and evenings though :) Well, that's just a guess, considering I've never riden a bike :)

    And yes, have been to ProYamaha in Moorooka, and a few bike shops in Ipswich. Did you find anywhere that was worth looking? I was planning on having a look in Springwood, and maybe that big shop in Bowen Hills, I got my helmet there awhile ago and thought their prices were pretty good at the time.
  16. Thanks mate

    That sounds cool.
    I am getting to know that biking is kind of a special thing here rather than being a way of life like some other countries.
  17. Yeah, I think what I did was a very comprehensive example of how NOT to buy a bike. When one buys a bike(or any vehicle) from a private seller and subsequently transfers the ownership, does he get any sort of a paper with the owner name and references to the bike?
  18. Hi not_sane, I am from sri lanka. Being here temporarily.

    I checked it out. For the Visa I have (student) it is OK. As long as my license is not expired, states what I can drive/ride in english or have a translation, everything should be fine.
  19. Hi rengel, thanks for the tips, yes the weather is perfect here. But everybody is praying for some rain :D
  20. Yup, you're right there. Make sure your VISA is still valid too :)