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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hiyabusa, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. hello
    i'm new to this site and thought i'd say hi. hopefully i will see some of you at rides. atm i'm riding a zx6r but soon to upgrading to a Hayabusa, I have been doing test rides and like this bike very much, bye the way i'm over 6ft tall and my weight is around 100kg, so the Hayabusa feels good to ride.

  2. G'day Hiyabusa. :grin: At 6ft you would be cramped up on a ZX6. Have you looked at a ZX14 ? Plenty of room.
  3. Hi to you also..
    I am not only new to forum but new to riding. I am 6 foot 3 and 95 kg and I feel comfy on my zzr250. Sure the acceleration is not mind blowing but I dont feel cramped. Wot is it with size and 'size' anyway?
  4. hi sidecar55, no I haven't, i've had prolly about a dozen test rides on the busa ,so I've sought of falling in love with the busa, i should give the zx14 a go...thks..

  5. G'day and welcome :)
  6. Welcome Hiyabusa.
  7. Hiya busa. :grin: Welcome

  8. welcome

    i suggest talking to people that have previously owned busa'
    i wanted one myself til speaking to a few people that have previously owned one, and the story goes the sub frame has a tendency to crack which suzuki will try to weazle their slimmy lil way out of replacing, if you do get one find a frame engineer that can build at least a swing arm out of steel, to save yourself a scarey moment, not saying its a problem with all but better safe then sorry
  9. :WStupid:
  10. Welcome Hiyabusa
    Enjoy the forum.
    Read somewhere that Suzuki had addressed this issue for the '07? (subframe)
  11. thanks all for the warm welcome......
  12. g thks m8,,didn't know that
    need 2 get myself out to a Kawasaki dealer and test one of these zx14
  13. +1
  14. Welcome Hiyabusa :grin:
  15. bah - you got the busa & the busa still creams the zx14 :) well - where it counts anyway (twistys)
  16. Hello Hiyabusa!
    from a :newb:
  17. It does sound like the busa would be a good bike for you. Welcome!