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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kupe, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all.

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Andrew and have returned to riding now that the children are grown up. *thank goodness*. My wife and I own a 2013 Triumph Storm which we get out on at every opportunity. To stave the kids from pinching my bike I recently purchased a 2013 Yamaha Roadliner S and let them squabble on who gets it and when. They both own sports bikes which are far too taxing on my wrists and lower back now.

    Anyway, thanks for allowing me to share in your community.

  2. Welcome Andrew, Do you tour on the Triumph?
  3. Welcome to NR...

    Post some pics when you can
  4. G'day Andrew, it's amazing what freedom and pleasure you can treat yourself to when the kids grow up
  5. Andrew, Howdy & Welcome to NR!
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    Sorry all for not replying sooner. I wanted to post some pics then got stuck in the system and could only go certain places. Just got back here. :meh:Still can't post pics...even on the showcase. Hmmm. I'll ask my PC guru when he's not busy.

    Sorry about the delay...explained further down the page. Was going to give up actually. Yes my wife and I tour as often as we can. She works two weekends a month so that only leaves us the other weekends.

    Hi Lazy. That's what seems to be the problem I've tried to post some pics but they disappear and I get zoomed out. Couldn't find this spot again...only luck I did now. Still trying though.

    Lol! Yep. Funny how they still stay at home though?

    Thanks, Jaytee!
  7. You won't be able to get access to some parts of the site, including showcase until you get to Member status. Keep posting and it will come. In the meantime you can post a picture if you host the pic on an external site and embed it as an image.

    PS I merged your above posts to improve the readability. You can multiquote by just hitting the Quote in each of the ones you want to reply to and then the insert quote button.
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. Thank you, Jeffco! Still wandering around getting a feel of the site. I'm impressed with how supportive people here are of each other, particularly new riders. Fantastic!
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  10. Thanks, cjvfr. Yep. I figured it may be something like that. After I become a Member then I think the way to go is to upgrade to Premier Membership. Offers a lot more accessibility I'm thinking.

    Yay! Thanks, cjvfr!

    My 2013 Yamaha 1900cc Roadliner S[​IMG] [​IMG]
    My 2013 Triumph 1700cc Thunderbird Storm
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  11. Just downloaded some pics, thanks to cjvfr, Lazy! Hope you enjoy them.
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  12. Thanks.

    Awesome pics....
  13. Thanks, Lazy!

    They're so sweet to ride.
  14. I can imagine. And my favourite colour too.... :p
  15. Hahahaha! ;-)