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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by un_majstk, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. hey all,
    just checking in.

    i've been riding since about '99.
    have a 600rr for street and Aprilia Rs250 for a trackday every year or so.
    I realised i refer to this forum quite a bit recently so its about time i signed up!

  2. Welcome un_majstk_asdasdbhbcgcxjzhbcz_%^&%@#^$%

    You so far win the recent awards for the most confusing user name. :)

    Beware of those Sydney types, namely Tweetster...
  3. Well I get your user name, no probs. Gees we've seen heaps more confusing and unpronounceable than that!

    Welcome mate!
  4. sweet!
    member for just a day and i got a prize already.
  5. ..Excuse me????..... would you care to explain further????? :shock:


    .. pay no heed un_mawatsit!!.... we is all nice in Sydney :wink:
  6. Welcome to Netrider..........And Enjoy :!:

    Oh, dont listen to brownyy :? we think he's on drug's.

    Cheers Bru