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Newb with a few dumb questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tnreynolds, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys n Gals,

    Something funny happened on the way to work today.... I was driving along in my cage and saw a few bikes go past.... anyway a few minutes later I went down to the local licensing center and then in an hour and a half (damn queues in licensing center's) walked out with my learners (R-E 250cc). :shock:

    Having never had anything to do with these things shiny things with two wheels and not having any close friends with them i'm kinda on my own. I now have this new piece of paper (learners permit) and dont really know what to do next.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an instructor? I work in the Perth CBD and live in the northern suburbs but am willing to travel to take lessons.

    Also recomendations for a bike? I am wanting to use it as an every day rider so looking for something thats fairly comfortable? Maybe a CB250 or Virago?? My budget for my first bike is about $3,500 (Thats what the missus said) :roll:

    Sorry for all the questions but i'm a real newb on this subject so any advice would be great ;)

  2. Hey Troy, congratulations on getting your learners and welcome to the forum :)

    There's probably two places you need to start - first is deciding what gear you want and second is deciding what bike you want. I thoroughly recommend checking out some of the new rider topics for recommendations on both. Once you have a better idea of what you need from those tips, go out and start looking at stuff! :D See what you like, see what you don't like :)

    Good luck!
  3. howdy troy.

    i cant help you with instructors but i can help you with bike purchase.
    i did my L's test on a CB250 and rode for a year on my L's with a TZR250 (2 stroke sports bike) i then got my P's on a CB250 and my TZR went to bikey heaven. now im riding a Virago 250. i suggest go the virago as it does (in my opinion) look a bit nicer than the CB. but both bikes are very easy to ride. i would recomend the virago to any learner rider as it is so simple to corner and doesnt have too much power so wont give you any scares. also if your going for a virage, get a pre 93 model, in your price range and come with much manlier handle bars :D

    hope this helps.
  4. Thanks emsie,

    I realise i'll also need some gear as the missus won't want me riding in me flip flops and tank top unless I have signed my life insurance policy over to her first... not gonna happen ;) I've set aside about 500-600 to get helmet, gloves & jacket.

    I swung passed a bike shop earlier in the day and asked how much an entry level helmet was and the reply was "have you got an entry-level head?". Best damn salesman ever. :p

    I'll probably pick up some gear later on in the week, so at least when i go do some lessons and the borrowed bike, I can have my own stuff.

  5. get yourself a CBR250RR, thats what everyone has =P

    nah, best advice most people give is go sit on as many as you can till you find one thats comfortable
  6. Hey Breno,

    Thanks for that mate, yes the Virago does look a look better than the CB. I was just a bit worried that because it looks a bit meaner it might have been a bit scary to ride. :grin:

    Seems there are quite a few 2nd hand Virago's in the local rag too.

  7. the pre 93 ones come with T-bar handles bars as apposed to the kind of girly looking swirly type bars. its what ive got and there only air cooled little things top speed of about 110. took me nearly 20 mins on the freeway to clock the 140km/h speedo on my bike :p
  8. only thing i can suggest at the moment is not to spend 600 on gear.. i strongly suggest you spend alot more than that.

    I personally spent almost 2000 on gear,

    2000 was excessive, i bought the best gear i could, but 600 is poocheese (;) loz), for me, 600 would get me a helmet and gloves if i were lucky, maybe only a helmet.
  9. I had a biatch of a time riding the CB250 at my learner's course. I thought that maybe I just sucked a whole lot at riding, then I sat on and rode my VTR250 and it was a whole new world. CB250 might be one of the really cheap ones to run, but I'm not the only person I know who had a hard time riding it compared to other bikes. And before anyone suggests it, the CB250 I rode was pretty new - only about 2000k's on it. Then again, maybe that was its problem :p
  10. Virago/cb250? It's not much of a choice but it's an easy choice. Unless you're really, really tall or too short to reach the ground on the CB, then the CB250 is the stand out pick. It's faster, corners better and is the undisputed "most reliable bike ever built"

    Honestly, as much as it's a gutless wonder, I can't sing the CB250's praises enough. Wonderful, reliable, easy to setrvice bikes that do everyone proud. I wen't many years before upgrading due to finacial concerns and I'm glad I had a CB to see me through. It is underpowered (not as much as the virago) but it won't stop and it won't cost anything either. Great little bike!

    That said, what do you want from your bike. There's more than 2 choices out there, why limit yourself? :)

    XV CB (yes, fine) plus ZZR, CBR, GPX, VT, FZX FZR, GT, ZXR, VTR, CBF, GSX, GSXF, EL, GPZ, SR, etc................... (If I missed something feel free to mention it as a good netrider would :) )
  11. Im in the northern suburbs also, learning with Brian from "Stay Upright".. he's located at the Cully's Yamaha on Waneroo Rd. The guy is really decent and straight up, mob # is 0407 479 513, tell him Tom sent ya.. :)
  12. Heya troy,

    Im from perth myself and am in the same position.

    Where abouts are you located?
    I have asked a lot of newb quesiton on here myself, so your not on your own.

    Currently im learning via a guy called John. i found his number in the yello9w pages under "Johns advanced motorcycles" but he doesnt work with them anymore, im pretty sure its Gills.

    Hes a good teacher and i have learnt alot off only a couple of lessons. I got a list sitting in front of my of a couple of other places that might come to interest. they are:

    • A Streetwise motorcycle training - 0402 011 387
    • Johns Motorcycles - 9407 8448
    • Johns advanced motorcycle training (north and south of river) - 0412 825 992
    • The Motorcycle academy (osbourne park) - 9443 3555

    In terms of gear, im not 100% informative, but i do know that for the majority of my gear (gloves, pants, jacket) i have been to a place called "Totally Motorcycle Accessories" on albany highway in vic park. they are a good place and are very helpful, im sure duffman can back me up on that one.
    helmet and boots are still to come for me.

    I havnt got myself a bike yet, so im not sure in that department, im sure when the time comes i will be asking plenty of questions.

    what i've done is had a look at the Yellow pages
    and rung round to just get a little bit of information here and there.

    but yeh, now its time to get out there and get going :)
  13. my first helmet was a $200 one from peter stevens in melbourne city plus $50 for tinted visor. I flew over a car at 70km\h+ and landed head first on the tarmac and it stayed together and protected me good and proper. so i dont know about spending $600 on your first helmet. i got my jacket and gloves froma place called blackrose leather or something at Vic market, both also stood the test when i had my accident. only thing that cpped a severe beating was my legs and feet, as i didnt have bike pants or boots on. one thing i highly suggest is ALWAYS wear a jacket gloves and boots. pants can be a bit of a hassle but if you have the time wear them too. (helmets are of course manditory :p)
  14. You'll certainly get some bike gear for $600 bucks.
    Some people here seem to have a lot more money than some others I've noticed.
    Don't forget a rain jacket and pants also.

    My only advice with a bike is do not buy anything with a full fairing, it's just money you don't need to spend if it gets damaged, and it gets damaged very easily.
    The Virago 250 is a nice bike to learn on, good for everyday riding and weekend touring.
    Also carries saddlebags and other luggage easily.
  15. $600 will buy you a decent helmet, jacket and gloves if you look in the right places. Most peeps on this forum have been in your situation so ask around when it comes to what sort of gear to buy.

    +1 for the CB250.

    The cockroach of motorcycles, and probably the easiest bike to ride ever made.
  16. ZXR/ZX2R :p
  17. Thanks Guys/Gals,

    Appreciate all the responses to my questions, you lot are a resourceful bunch! :grin:

    I'll go grab a helmet, jacket and gloves on the weekend then book in a few lessons on a CB250 and see how i go.

    The only thing that worries me with the CB250 is the seat height seems to be a bit low (i'm 6ft) and I felt (and probably looked) like a bit of a grasshopper when i sat on one in the shop.

    I think my first priority is to get my license and then shop for a bike once i have a little more of an idea what i'm looking for.

  18. well your going to have to look like a goose for the first few months untill your ready for a big bike :p

    dont worry im around 6foot and its not too bad.
  19. ZXR is there already. :p