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newb with 96 across

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by feriant, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. wonder what wrong with my fuel opener why i can't open it with the button??
    i got to open seat up to get the tank fill up all the time...
    any clue about where to fill up the radiator water?
    really a big mess..got the bike for my birthday present where the person who actually bought it dun have any idea about motorbike at all!!!
    only know it comes with rwc!!
    any recommendation for workshop with good prices??
    thank you so much!

  2. are it was a present and not a matter or them try to turn yoaway from bikes :)

    Seriously though, wish i had a present like that.
    More than enuf across riders here to help you out.
  3. been browsing thru the forum seems like quiet a lot across rider here ;p
    much appreciate for any help!!
  4. i have sent you a PM
  5. Very nice that someone would give motor bike :p but it would have been better if it was a real one. I think their just pulling your leg. :LOL:
  6. Feriant, don't listen to them about their opinions on the Across :twisted:
    The Across is a fantastic bikes, I have had mine for nearly 3 years now. My petrol flap doesn't open properly either (something to do with Geoff I'm sure) but if I push down on the flap at the same time as i push the button, it opens fine.
    Good luck with the across and safe riding. I hope to see you at southbank for coffee one Friday night :)
  7. Hi Feriant , welcome to the forum. The across is a good bike and its the 1 im buying for Rhonda soon :D
  8. Welcome to the forum feriant lots of gr8 folk in here & lots of advice for us newbie's
  9. Welcome Feriant! (I'm sure I forgot that bit when I replied to your PM).
  10. WHAT THE?
  11. he forgot to include " to have with you on a ride as storage."

    They are the official netrider support vehicle after all 8)
  12. hahah thats right across is the suppoter bike for the others!!
    can carry the first aid box!! so don't ever look down on across rider ;p
  13. I have to say it now Karen since im thinking of getting Rhonda one even tho it hurts like hell to say :LOL:
  14. Welcome to the site m8 and safe riding

    Midnight you cease to amaze my :shock:
  15. Burn the across , burn it to the ground . She would rather have a new car now so back to bagging them hand bags :LOL: .
  16. :evil: Rhonda, what are you thinking????
    And Dave....you bastard :p
  17. HAH, can we get some official Netrider stickers that state they are SUPPORT VEHICLES, :twisted:
    maybe a cross for the first aid refrences.. 8)

    But seriously they are good i had one, and drive thru Bottle SHop is piss easy :p
  18. Not to mention, KFC, Red rooster, Maccas :)
  19. What about a sticker that says excess baggage, handle with care


    not to be ridden in the presence of real bikes


    toy only batteries not included

    Cheers 8)