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Newb - whats the best bike for me?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rivmasta, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hey all, newb here.

    I'll be buying my first bike in Sept/Oct and was hoping you could throw in some suggestions or advice on what would be the best bike to suit what my needs are:

    Im 6'3" and 84kg, so tall and on the lanky side.
    Havent ridden for 20yrs, and then it was old dirt bikes - Im effectively a complete novice.
    I'm not after a screamer bike to go fast and throw around, but something comfy and easy to ride for commuting around town, but also for semi regular freeway trips (couple of times a month) of a 2-3 hours at a stretch.
    It'll be a used bike as She Who Controls The Budget will be holding the purse strings! Ive already got a couple of big boy toys so the idea of getting a bike as well is about as popular as an egg fart in a tent... So the budget is low - at the mo <4k though Im trying to get her up to 6k, shes trying to get me down to 2!

    Cheers for any ideas.

    *edit* oh - it'll also be parked at the local trainstation during the day!
  2. 4k should easily be enough to find something reasonable if you stay away from the more popular learner models (ie fully-faired race replicas). A Suzuki GSF250V would suit your needs perfectly I reckon. Larger naked bikes like the GS500 or ER-5 would also be worth a look though you may have to stretch the budget to find a decent one.
  3. How far away is the local train station? If it's close enough, you'd be better off riding there on a pushbike, rather than risking your motorbike being stolen....
  4. Try a Ducati Desmosedici RR. Perfect for commuting. There apparently very cheap as well!

  5. VTR250.
  6. Given that you're 6'3", I think you'll find the quarter litre road class caters mostly for garden gnomes. Maybe check out a traillie, perhaps one with road tyres.
  7. cheers for the replies.

    I actually thought about the pushbike... but that just smacks of effort! Actually, its not a bad suggestion as the station is only a couple of k's away.... naaa f&&k it, its all up hill on the way home!

    Thought about the trailie, but how will it cruise at 110km/h?

    Not interested in race replicas - more interested in being comfy on longer trips. GS500 suggestion sounds like a good one - reasonably easy to ride for a novice? will look into it!

    VTR250 - as a lanky bastard am I leaning over teh bars too far? Am thinking now that xvs650 or similar cruiser might be the way to go.
  8. At 6 grand budget, you might just be able to find a Suzuki 650 V-Strom if you are really lucky.
  9. I am 6'3" also and weigh 88kg so similar build. I find it roomy compared to the CBR250 on the L's course (my only other riding experience).
    Yesterday did 150kms on the Honda and feel good.
    Cheers, Ray.