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Newb to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tommo617, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all, just signed up to Netrider. I currently have an '05 Suzuki SV650S (with a very nice carbon Yoshi pipe) but next weekend I will take delivery of my new Honda VFR800...

    Why the Honda? Well I wanted a new bike as mine has done quite a few kms (still reliable though). I do mainly commuting with the occasional long ride, so I was after a sports tourer. Having ridden 'sporty' bikes (the aforementioned SV, another SV and a ZZ-R250) since I got my lisence early this century, and have become used to this positon. I tried some of the more upright bikes (Triumph Tiger 800, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer) but they just feel too strange to me to be comfortable. They are great bikes in their own right, but just not for me. Suzuki no longer makes the SV1000 (and I really can't understand why given they still make a V-Strom) Triumph won't make me a Spint RS from the Tiger 800 basis (remember the Sprint RS!) and Ducati no longer makes the ST series...so having looked around, and on the advice of a mate who is of similar height/build to me, (and who also used to have a Kwaka 250) I tried the VFR.

    I immediately felt 'at home'. The position and 'feel' of the bike was so similar to the SV that after the ride I sat the bikes side by side for comparison. It didn't hurt that the dealer was willing to throw in a genuine Honda 45L Topbox (with all the associated hardware), 12V accessory point and a taller Givi Screen, plus giving me a more than reasonable trade (compared to Redbook value).

    Next step will be an aftermarket exhaust. The Boss (even though a non rider herself) has declared I must have one - its a safety issue! Most people I have spoken to reckon the Aprapovic is the way to go...
  2. welcome aboard :] congrats on the new bike
  3. Welcome to NR!
  4. So anyone out there know where to get an Akrapovic pipe in Sydney? I've looked on the net and there doesn't appear to be a lot out stockists out there :-/...eBay and Amazon are options...
  5. Welcome to NR..
  6. The last exhaust I bought was from the States. I saved ablut $500 even after postage.
    Have a look aroud the google web, there's a few good online stores out there.


  7. Congratulations and welcome
  8. Tommo617Tommo617 I bought an Akrapovic on eBay - came from Italy to Australia in 4 days - fitted it myself - so ended up being much cheaper
  9. if you like I can let you know the name of the store - they supplied pipes for a lot of different bikes
  10. Yes please PeonyPeony. Might be something to consider.
  11. that would be most welcome - I've been quoted $1030 to purchase it from Australia
  12. Will do when I get home - later this evening
  13. Today I picked up the new VFR...not exactly the best weather in Sydney to ride a brand new bike on new tyres:-/. But I survived. Bike is now snugly in my garage.

    Now I just need to find somewhere to get that Akra pipe from...
  14. cheers for the link!
  15. And somewhere where the sun shines.....come down here to Mexico! ;)
  16. The only reason to traverse to the wrong side of the River Murray is to get to The Island...unfortunately work keeps getting in the way!
  17. Welcome Tommo.