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Newb Seeking LAMS bike Tips And Or Advice :)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jjman, May 29, 2011.

  1. Hi guys josh here,

    Just thought i would ask a few questions that i am having a load of trouble deciding on / dont know enought to even make the decision.

    First of all Price / Year of a first bike under the new LAM'S law

    Second is insurance for the bike of choice and yes i know its in the wrong section

    Ok to start the ball rolling I'm 21 years of age, 6 foot 4 and 95kgs. I dont have my p's yet booked in next weekend. Ok first problem begins....

    1. Get a bike that you can advance on and will last longer then the fist year ( Which i'm told by some people will happen) which will obviously cost a fair bit more money eg Kawasaki ER-6N ABS, Kawasaki 650RL ABS or Yamaha FZ6R (Also all the others on the market).

    2. Or, Get a cheap second hand 250 that wont matter if you slip on the driveway and drop the bike.

    Would love to know your pro's and con's of both ideas, I'm on the fence love the sound of the ABS Breaks on alot of the new models of more expencive bikes and the obvious power increase after the first year on the LAM'S system. But would also cry like i'm sure everyone has when / if they have ever dropped their pride and joy. Also if you have any idea (ball park) of how much insurance would be. I am a rating 1 driver for life with car insurance since i was 17 AAMI had an amazing deal with a new car i brought.

    Your help is much appreciated :)
  2. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    P.s. What make / model would you suggest
  3. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Hey Josh,

    Welcome to Netrider. I'm slightly smaller than you, coming in at 6ft, but weight the same. I got my L's in Jan and my license about a month ago. I bought a CB 250 as my first bike, and, in hindsight probably shouldn't have bought it. Economically, it was great - using no more than 3.5 litres per 100 km's. But it was a bit uncomfortable to ride and took forever to get to 100km/h. I've now got a GS500F which is better suited to my size and easily gets up to cruising speed. Economically, it's pretty good to using about 4.5 litres per 100k.

    Find something that is comfortable for you to sit on. If you're not comfortable, you'' regret it.

  4. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Hi Josh,
    for what its worth heres what I've been thru
    started on VTR250, did the learner thing on it, and even though they werent lams approved at the time I jumped on to a crusier yamaha xvs650, bit more weight more poke etc, sorry between the two for about 4 weeks I tried a cbr600 [BIG mistake] flew like a bird way beyond my riding experience etx hence 4 weeks later she was sold. The cruiser did the thing for me for a while but commuting on citly link a few times I needed to pull up quickly and hand brake only wont stop a cruiser and trying to change lanes quickly wasnt happening so "for my needs" I sold the cruiser and got a gsx750f, more poke, more stopping power, more flickable, hence it 'suited my needs'
    But I stacked on a bmw r1200c [ABS model] and have been off the road since nov last year and starting to look at bikes myself, as a cioncidence an fz6 s has caught my eye.
    My blurg 'hopefully' highlights to you that the bike/s I have/had had a theme which is basically 'they suited my needs' once you work out what you want the bike for, then you can safely target the right bike for your needs.
    Everyone here will tell you the same thing, teast ride alot of bikes that you 'think' you will like, and tick off the required 'must haves' and 'like to' side as well and go from there. There are acomplished riders in the sports bike arena as well as the cruiser arena, both sides have the plus and minus to them but again, each to their own. Bike shops are there for you to test ride bikes, try as many bikes as you like, try and cut it down to 2 or 3 at tops before riding those again to make your final choice. Hope this helps :)
  5. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    what city are you from

    and in regards to insurance, get a few online quotes on different bikes and u will have your exact figure
  6. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Thanks guys for the posts so far, I also forgot to add the reason for purchasing my bike is to just have a bit of fun and learn to ride a bike. Cost of fuel does not bother me in the slightest as i have a comp car and never pay for fuel anyway so the little bit i put in my bike to ride to the shops or take it for a burn on the weekend will hardly break the budget. bike will mainly be a weekend ridden bike or as stated before just to run up to the shops on during the week. ta

    As far as the expensive / larger lams bikes go (death traps)
    - Yamaha FZ6R
    - Kawasaki ER-6N ABS
    - Kawasaki 650 RL

    would be my top selections have only sat on the kawas and i like the more upright position still being a more sporty looking bike.

    As far as the Cheaper / Smaller (250's) go
    -Honda CBR250

    as the kawasaki 250 was far 2 small for me being 6 foot 4 and my legs where sitting on the side of the fuel tank not where the cut away was. The honda CBR250 was fine for leg room for myself and suited me perfectly, was quite impressed.
  7. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    you sound like a statistic waiting to happen
  8. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    From Brisbane Regarding insurance.

    Ye would hate to know what a 21 year old Rating 1 driver for life cost would be on say a kawa 650RL would be new :) for full comp.

    Can just imagine the thought process when deciding the amout.
  9. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    This i why i have joined netrider and asking the question, I am sure i will be starting on a second hand 250 or 125 just would love to know everyones opinions and advice from more experienced riders / riders who have made the mistake in the past.

    ps, you think i'm a statistic waiting to happen? well provide me with advice / the right approach to take.
  10. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    My son's your size and he got a 400 super motard. About the only LAMS bike apart from the klr650 dual sport type things that he was comfortable on. he felt the 650's were physically too big.
    he got a honda but I don't think you can get them new. the suziki looks good though
    only problem is the small fuel tank.
    ring the insurance companies and ask. only way. from memory when I started riding mine was based on my car record and there
    may have been some extra excess.
  11. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Not bad advice that, the only thing is they are not well suited to highway work but if around town and the odd blast through the local twisties is your thing a tard would be my top choice.
  12. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    with your weight and hieght considered, a larger capacity as allowed under lams would be better suited. power won't be an issue. with few exceptions all lams are tame. but larger capacity bikes may be better suited ergonomically. 2fiddy's fly with lightweight riders, but don't have the low down torque to get bigger blokes of the line quickly. though the vtr2fiddy is pretty good, being a v-twin.

    for your intended purposes consider super motards, won't get bored quickly on one.
  13. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Still not quite sure what was intended with the reply but do appreciate the comment later on.
  14. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    "Larger capacity" when you say larger capacity do you mean a 400 cc, 600 cc bike?
  15. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    yep, bigger engine 400cc - 650 cc
  16. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    was just reading another thread and the FZN you THINK is lams approved, is apparently NOT, so make sure you DO KNOW which bike is lams approved before you spend dollars!!
  17. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    still an fz6 though, so it's still a shit bike
  18. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Interesting...I found the opposite. My legs could barely fit on the CBR250, but the GPX250 (which I bought) was ok. I'm 6' and find both reasonably small, and for someone your size, I'd suggest looking bigger. But if riding a 250, don't be afraid to open up the engine. My GPX250 doesn't really wake up until around 7k revs, but has a bit of kick (for something its size) between 8k to 13k. CBRRs want to go a bit higher again.
  19. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Hi mate

    Ok "you can find a list of LAMS bikes on line ..
    You can also get an online quote as goz was saying
    My choice for you would be a Suzuki GS500f

    A lot of guys on here have them upright ridding position and a good amount of power

    Just my opinion have a look and see what you think .. Good luck
  20. Re: Newb Seeking Tips And Or Advice :)

    Yes the Suzuki GS500f is a lovely bike only problem i found correc me if i'm wrong is that when you want to de-restrict the LAMS ECU you have to buy another on for around $1600 bucks + Labour. Thats why i was more inclined at the kawasaki's that you can de-restrict them yourself after the first year and for resle you could simply put the throtlerestricter back in and the relay back in under the seat.

    Kawa 650RL
    Kawa ER-6n ABS

    Would anyone sugest any of these 2 bike? or am i going 2 big?