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Newb putting theory into practice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by L0Ki, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just thought I'd let ytou know the latest from my ride today. Luckily it was only about 10kms from home.

    My clutch cable broke, but with the knowledge i learnt from here was able to slowly but surely bring her back home without the need for a tow.

    ***LOng winded story - flick down the page if not interested*****

    It happened in a nice little section of road near greystanes that runs along side the bike track. (and before you think it - no i didnt use the bike track lol). It was on a downchange so that didnt go to smoothly but any how.

    I was riding along with the section of road ever so quickly beginning to end with my mind racing trying to figure out which way would be best to go home (less traffic/lights) so i realised i would have to turn around or face certain trouble on merrylands road getting onto the cumberland hwy. Yes i had to somehow get across it. So anyway, if you know the area i ended up coming through long street. Kinda factory area so there was no one thank god. Had to let me say break the law at a set of lights cause no one was coming.

    I got to the turn for the cumberland hwy and it had this nice little driveway to avoid the light so i used that to cut through without having to stop. But i new my biggest problem was up ahead. I had taken this route only because of the traffic and less lights. But i got to my turnoff ( stuart road i think it is) which i have never managed to trigger with the bike, so i knew i would have to turn the bike off or run the light. But this corner is kinda blind as there is a hill just before the traffics comes over. So i stopped the bike in hope that maybe something would happen...i had no idea what..i was just worried that if any cars came behind me how would they appreciate me strating to push the bike across the intersection. So i had kinda moved the bike to infront of the median strip and sat there.

    Luckily though i van pulled up next to me and i flipped my visor up because he had looked at me twice probably wondering why the bike was off at a major set of lights. Anyway i tell him my clutch broke and low and behold his mates gets out and gives me a push once th lights change. (thankyou so much if your reading this) anyways i was off gave him the thumbs up and that was that.

    I still had one set of lights that i was worried about. The mcredie road/fairlfield road lights which offcourse went red. So into neutral and hit the kill switch. Stopped at the lights they went green. No one was behind me at this point, but there was a car/s that wanted to turn right across me. They probably were wondering wtf i was doing wadling across the intersection but i got across and jumped it and off i went down the road and into my street.

    As i pulled into the garage. POP the whole clutch cable just poped right out just to had to whole drama.

    Anyway. Moral of the story is i used the starting techniques and words from one of the threads on this forum and put it to use.

    I was pretty excited i managed to get home safely but at the same time the adrenaline is still pumping. So don't blame me if this post has poor grammar.


    *goes off to order a new clutch cable*
  2. This happened to me, i just held the starter when i wanted to start moving. lucky i only stopped at 2 lights, wasnt the most gracefull of starts.