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Newb - maintenance tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 2WHEELSNOCLUE, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hiya Guys

    New to bike world, loving it to bits! (3 weeks so far)
    i bought a trusty old GS500, i just needs some tips on how to give her the loving she deserves.

    I had it serviced 2 weeks ago, prior to that i noticed the chain was loose, the thought of me adjusting that made me feel sick in the stomach!
    i did have a crack though........my favorite part was when the markers that you align your adjustments off just flop around loose!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that scared me into a service!

    i would like to know on where to go from here.......i dream of servicing the chain (as in clean lube and adjust)
    fluid levels etcc

    if this has been covered pls link, i cant seem to find a thread
    i have looked on youtube and found some ok stuff
    I get suzuki springwood to service, should i call them?
    or is there a course i can do in brisvegas?
    any info would be much appreciated

  2. that sounds unreal, hmmm pity its in Vic, i'm in brissy,
    Dont think i'm ready for a ride that big
    if not my ability, i dont think my arse could handle it!:p
  3. Whereabouts in Brisbane are you mate? I had a GS prior to my thou, and would be more than happy to help you out with a demo day whenever I've got some time, if you don't manage it yourself. They're an easy bike to work on by comparison to a lot of others!

    Would seriously recommend jumping onto YouTube and searching for the various parts you want to know, there's a lot of GS500 specific stuff on there. They're a pretty popular bike worldwide and have been for many years.
  4. search youtube for motorcycle chain maintenance. It's easy and important, and a great place to start.
  5. those chain lubes are not cheap. I used to use a tooth brush and normal engine oil to lubricate my chain during those tight ass days. Still does the same thing but does fly of the chain more....
  6. That could get a bit hairy if it spits on your tires, but I guess it would do pretty much the same thing.

    Ever tried no chukka lube? You can pick it up at auto1 for about $10, bit sticky so not great dirties.
  7. hey guys,

    thanks for your responses......... books ay....... i forgot all about them!!! thank for the reminder twistngo!

    i have looked further into you tube etc, got good tips, i think i am just freaked by the chain adjustment, i saw you can get an adjuster (guide thingo) that clamps on to your rear disc and has a rod running parallel to the chain.
    Seems like a good handy tool, i dont like the locators on my bike, they swing freely when you back off the wheel nut.

    so how often do you guys lube your chain.....whoa, is that personal????
    i was thinking once a week? i dont commute to work, just little weeknight runs then weekend decent rides.

    Cheers - Rob
  8. that is a big kettle of worms your opening up there mate :)

    It's like sisters, most people have one, and they are all different.
  9. Everyone has different ideas when it comes to often to lube a chain.

    Some people NEVER lube their chain, other people lube it every day.

    Personally I lube the chain every 3rd tank of fuel, which works out at around600km around town or 900km on long trips. More often if it's been raining or I've been on dirt roads.

    Some people fit Scottoilers, or similar, which 'automatically' lubes the chain for you.
  10. Hey guys,

    An update..... i have cleaned and lubed the chain.
    Checked fluid levels, and checked the chain which is ok (tension wise).
    OK now for in the future when tensioning is required, is there a tool you guys can recommend for assisting with alignment..... i saw a laser for $180 F*%k that for a joke!
    I saw a string method... a little confusing, and time consuming.
    And i did see a clamp thing which looked good, but cant seem to find it anywhere online.....hmmmmm mystery.

    So how do you guys and gals go about it at home, i realise i have locators on my bike (GS500) but they are seriously crapola, they are bent and go loose as soon as you back off the nut and sway in the breeze!

    Thanks - Rob
    PS since owning a bike i discover i tanty at any sign of rain!
  11. Rain with a GS500 isn't that bad. Just go slower and be gentle on the controls. As far as being wet goes, come down to Canberra, then you can be wet and cold.
  12. Hey all,

    Time for an update........my chain adjusting disorder........cured!!!! yay!!!
    just purchased a motion pro chain adjustment tool that clamps onto the rear sprocket and has a guide bar that runs parallel with the chain to help with sighting to check if it is set true.
    Was $45, so not to bad on the wallet, better than a $180 laser!
    Now, time to don the overalls and get down and dirty.......then i'll service the bike afterwards :p