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Newb from Newy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gaunto, May 9, 2012.

  1. My name is Mark, I'm 53 years old, and I ride a 2011 Triumph Daytona. Fantastic bike. I'm always up for a ride. Anybody else on here from Newcastle?

  2. Hi Mark Welcome aboard, nice bike btw.
  3. Welcome, Mark. We have quite a few Novacastrians on Netrider :).
  4. Welcome, I'm in Newy too. But my bike currently lives in Toukley. (Long story.) I'll come for a ride when I get more experience (L plater.). Have fun.
  5. Thanks for the welcoming replies. I think I'm going to enjoy it on here. I'm going riding in NZ later in the year. Anybody got experience with riding over there?
  6. When you get your bike back, let me know if you want to go for a spin. I don't claim to be the greatest rider in the world, but I could help you get some practice time up for your P's. You know, slow speed stuff and the like. Mark.
  7. welcome aboard the NR train lol
    was in NZ almost this time last year, was in Nth Isalnd and bumped into a guy who does organised rides there, might have a niff around for his card if I still got it I'll give you his details, have been told Sth Island is much more pretty though..
  8. It is in fact an organised ride, and in the North Island. Not till later in the year though. I'm hugely looking forward to it.
  9. Thank you! I would love to take you up on the offer! Cheers, Sally.
  10. Welcome to what I believe is the best online community, am in the newy area myself and if I am not working am usually keen for a ride. Then again am maybe not the best person to have tag along on a ride as I am still smoothing (well trying to) out a bucket load of kinks in my riding skills before I upgrade to somethings a little bigger than a 250.
  11. Can't beat time in the saddle, I reckon. So let me know if you want to have a ride. And what about some courses? When I came back to riding after a long break, I did a couple of courses at HART in St Ives; they are really good days, with good instructors.
  12. Do you remember which company the guy was with? There are a few who run these things. Wonder if it's the one I'm with.
  13. G'day Gaunto, Name is Dave , I'm in New Lambton area and often look for someone to ride with.

    I'm a year younger than you, ride a 07 Suzi DL650 V-Strom which I use to commute,fun rides, touring and just about everything else.

    I've only had the bike for 6 months but like you, seem to have come back after a bikeless period. Love the Strom and the more I ride it the more I love it...not ready to hop onto anything with big power yet but when I do, it'll be touring orientated.

    Hope to catch up for a ride one day...Sundays are the best for me with some odd days off through the week....Saturdays are probably the worst for me.



  14. Hi Dave. Sundays are good ride days. Often I go with my mate from across the road and some of his workmates. I will find out tonight if they're planning anything for this week, and will let you know. There are five or six of us who go - different kinds of bikes, different paces, but a coffee at the end for all. Anyway, if it's not this Sunday I will let you know about later dates. Cheers, Mark.
  15. welcome Mark
    i am in Newy
    my days of are mid week
    went down to yarramolong and up to kulnara then wollombi then home on tues
    give me a bell if you or anyone else wants to go midweek
  16. Hi Paul. Midweek rides are sometimes a goer for me. If you're heading off, let me know. I haven't done that ride to Yarramalong/ Kulnura, but I do hear it's a good one. As I say, keep me posted if you're getting out, and I'll do the same. Mark.
  17. Hey Mark, sorry I haven't got back to you over the last weekend but was concerned that the party I knew I was going to might've left me over the limit on the Sunday so I stayed home except for the mrs draggin me out to do the shopping in the late arvo.....groan!!
    I'm available this friday 25th or Sunday 27th if you're riding anywhere. Theres a chance I might be meeting up around the terrace with another Strom rider on Sunday but not confirmed yet.....I think he wants to show me a few dirt roads around the gog.

    catch up soon ok


  18. Hey Dave, this Sunday could be a goer. Again, I won't know until Friday night if the group is going. Still, you might be out on a dirt road somewhere anyway ... not ideal for the Daytona! Will let you know Friday night one way or the other. Cheers, Mark.
  19. Mark, won't be doing much in the way of dirt this weekend so I'm happy to stay on the flat top on Sunday...jeeez it's getting cold the last few days, might have to wear some tracky daks under the draggins......yeah yeah...I know...harden the f**k up!! LMAO
  20. You shouldn't be worrying about tracky days, because I am the softcock who has just bought thermal underwear for rides! There is a ride this Sunday, leaving from the carpark at Maccas at Edgeworth at 8am. I don't know where they're planning to ride, but I know you would be welcome. Might see you there.