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Newb from Hunter Valley NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WANDERER224, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. G'day All ,
    Getting old but still love travelling on my bike.
    Have done 30,000 Km Travelling over the last 2 1/2 years.
    Went to Cooktown then next trip to Tasmania (The best place for bike riding so far)
    Next to Ceduna via Broken Hill and right back around the coast (Great Ocean Road etc)
    June last year to Cape York where the organiser (Me) laid my Xt1200Z down at 10kmh and dislocated my left elbow.8 months off work.
    Just bought a BMW R1200GS and heading back to Tassie in November this year.
    Bikes Owned
    XL250 Honda x 3
    XL350 Honda
    Suzuki DR750
    Honda XL500R
    Suzuki DL1000
    Yammy FJR1300
    Super Tenere XT1200Z
    Now Bmw R1200GS just gone to 1st service
    Cheers everybody

  2. Welcome to NR.. That's quite the collection you've had :)
  3. Welcome, and would I be out of place to ask if there's a book to come with all your adventures?
  4. welcome aboard Doog :]
  5. #5 WANDERER224, Apr 4, 2015
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    Yep and forgot one . A great bike a TT500 Yammy

    I take heaps of photo's and get albums made through Big W. Cape York ,I think there was 600

    Thanks Jeffco
  6. Welcome. Based in Newcastle here, but occasionally get up to the Upper Hunter.
  7. Welcome to NR...

    Have you got an online catalogue of your pictures? Maybe open up a Flickr account or something..
  8. Thank u DrSleepy
  9. So far all my photo's are on Picasa 3 .Not sure how to go about putting them online . Still working on that.
    Trying to do something about that by November when we head to Tassie again
  10. I got my first in 1974 in Denman and rode all over the Hunter. Welcome to Netrider.
  11. Welcome WANDERER224WANDERER224. Does the number represent the number of bikes you've owned? ;)
  12. Thanks you
  13. Ahh noo that was my competition number in off road racing for 25 years
  14. Hi Wanderer,
    I'm also new to this forum and we'll be heading up your way in May for our annual V-Strom gathering at Gloucester! Will be visiting my Sister in Dorrigo first, but the roads up your way look awesome
  15. G'day Suzukigirl66 Yep the roads up here are pretty good .You should come up the New England Highway to Armidale then down to Dorrigo thru waterfall way .Great scenery ,Wollomombi falls turn off to the right on way down .Gets gets pretty windy 25kmh bends on coast side of Dorrigo My son is a DL650 fanatic ,he is about to buy a new one .He loves them
  16. Hi Wanderer, There is going to be a bike expo on in Gloucester on the week-end of May 1 - 3, which is when we are having the V-Strom gathering, about 40 odd Stroms will be there for that. We are heading for Armidale and going on the Waterfall Way, I'm not very quick on the windy roads, so Hubby will have to wait for me at the other end I think :)
  17. Well Sharon u and yor other half have a safe ride .Im grounded at the moment ,got a crook hip.New bike in shed and cant ride .Yep that sucks .