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newb buying gear, where to go

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Romie, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Hello, this week ill be hunting for gear. Im a learner and dont have much experience so would prefer a shop that doesnt mind spending some time and helping me out. The lucky place will get 1500-2000$ of my hard earned cash. So im wondering where to go? I live in the sutherland shire in Sydney. I was thinking maybe Sydney City Motorcycles in Kogarah as its easy to get to but i'm not sure if they got a good range of gear. Everyone keeps talking about MCCAs in Auburn and how it has a huge range of gear but apparently their service is very hit and miss, so im not sure where to go. I want to get a helmet, pants, jacket, boots and gloves.

    edit: forget to add, im happy to travel anywhere in sydney for gear aslong as I can get to it by public transport.

    Any help would be great.
    Thanks, Jerome

  2. The Helmet Warehouse, Hume Highway, Yagoona is an excellent place to begin your search. Long established company, good range of quality merch and great guys to deal with, and, no, I don't get a commission, I just like recommending good businesses.
  3. There's MCAS
    as well..unless you meant that, then there's also one in the City and in Liverpool if you don't want to go out to Auburn
  4. Sydney City Motorcycles are expensive, with OK service, nothing special.

    MCAS are slightly less expensive, terrible service, worth scanning the sale section at Auburn.

    Helmet Warehouse has more stuff on sale than either, and better service than either, I'll second making the trip to Yagoona.
  5. Thanks ill check them out, depending where i buy my bike, i i buy new from sydney city might see what bargains they will give me. Helmet warehouse looks good, as Yagoona is close to bankstown means it isnt to far from my place. I did mean MCA's daiakuji just mispeltit.
  6. Check out the dealer's accessories section as well. Was at BikeBiz last week, they had 15% off all Aplinestars jackets, so worth a look.
  7. ended up buying gloves, jacket and helmet from sydney city as I bought my bike from there. Service was ok and the guy didnt mind spending time with me, explaing stuff etc. couldnt haggle prices at all as the stuff I bought was already marked down but looking at the helmet warehouse and mcas website everything I bought ended up around 250$ cheaper then any of those shops for 1200$ of gear. So I think I got a good deal in the end :)

    Wasnt sure on pants and boots so I didnt bother. Not sure if I wanna go road or motorcross boots for the motard. Same with pants, not sure if I want leather and kevlar jeans. Leather is safer while kevlar is better for commuting.
  8. ediitttttttttttt