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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by E-kola, May 8, 2005.

  1. Hullo I have just joined netrider. I am the oldest person in the world (other than the Pope) and I have just bought a bike(unlike the pope) altho I have had many over the years.
    Interesting site, If you are pondering re the username I stuffed it up and it should have been something else, bloody stupid computer.

    Love to come to the coffee night but it is a little far to commute
  2. Welcome, you can get your nick changed, we are open to bribes, money, cash, wimmin etc, etc.......

    Enjoy the site.

    email your name change request to me. Use the tab under my name.

  3. hey welcome to the site
    As for the coffee night , your only excused if you have a letter from your mum :wink: :LOL: or the Pope (pm me and i will send you one :LOL: )

    go the V Twins
  4. Thanks

    Amen to that
  5. Ohhh a bike with a bullet proof bubble... now that could be an interesting design.....

    Then again... Chairmans side car is bullet proof.... or at least looks like a bullet... :)

    Welcome E-Kola :)

  6. The TRX is'nt a V-TWIN, it's a parallel twin :)
  7. its noisey , its a twin , thats all that matters :LOL:
  8. A mere technicality, technikality, technicalltea, Bloody Computer (':?')
  9. welcome e-kola,
    computers never coold speel proper
  10. OMG another graduate from the groberts school of literacy!
  11. G'day E-kola, welcome!
  12. Hi E-kola, and welcome to the forums..
  13. welcomes

    Thanks to all you guys and girls, I appreciate the warm welcome

  14. Hello and welcome. We sometimes have Friday night coffee nights here in Brisbane if ya wanna come.. Some other gold coast riders do make the trip

    Lisa :D
  15. Re: welcomes

    Another one lulled into a false sense of security..... Bwahahahaha!
  16. hello E-kola oh yeah and welcome!!!!