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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tilkyr1, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Hi I'm new to this site looks like a good place to catch up with fellow riders.
    I'm in Brissie and I just got an 06 R1, I have been riding for a few years now and I am very excited about by new baby. I am looking for any female riders in Bribane to ride with, so if anyone knows of any groups that would suit me please drop me a message, it would be nice to ride with other feamle riders. I am always looking to improve my riding and being a safer motorcyclist it would be nice to enjoy riding for many years to come!!!!!!

  2. female riding a R1, good on ya, welcome to the boards, there are a few females on here but dont think any are from qld, could be wrong, im sure a few blokes on here from qld could dress up as a female for u :)
  3. Hi, I'm a lady rider from Brisbane too. Unfortunately my bike died a few weeks ago and I'm now in-between bikes. I know of one or two other lady riders from Brissy on this group looking for other girls to ride with, hopefully they will see this post!
  4. and i was wrong :)
  5. Heya! Welcome to the forums. I'm a female rider from the Gold Coast and I know there are a couple of ladies on the south side of Brisbane... MyGSXey here on the forums frequents the Brisbane and Coastal rides organised over in the QLD ride announcements at the top of the forum and there are a couple of girls that tag along with their boyfriends and husbands so they are out there. : )
  6. Welcome to the forum.

    As PeskySheepy said, Kell (MyGSXey) is in Brissie and looking for other girls to ride with.

    She will be coming on the Gold Coast Hinterland Ride, you are most welcome to come along too.

    More girls on bikes I say!!! :LOL:
  7. I could wear a wig if you wanted me to... might get a little awkward though trying to ride in high heels 8-[
  8. Yeah I'm sure there would be a few blokes who would love to dress up as a female, its not that I mind riding with the blokes its just it would be nice to have some females on rides as well.
  9. Great thanks for that I will check them out!
  10. I agree more chicks on bikes, I can ride with my husband but it would be nice to have some more female perspective on riding.
  11. Hmmmm I think you could leave the high heels at home if you like, I don't think I have ever worn heels on my bike, I don't want to scratch the paint.
  12. Hi and a big welcome to netrider :)

    Firstly, thank you Dan and Jem for thinking of me : )

    I have been on a few organised retrider rides now and have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people (but some more female riders are always welcome and encouraged!). I love riding and i too have a young family myself, so i can understand about your safe motorcycling style. I ride with into the city a few times a week, with my husband and some the guys from Netrider but i am always looking to go riding and improve my skills. With my young family (Hayden 5 years and Reilly 9 months) in mind i decided to book in and complete the advanced motorcycling course with stay upright, (to refresh my skills and gain more confidence on the road) and have to say that course has given me the skills to have saved my life twice now from other peoples errors. I ride a GSXR 600 (K6) and live on the south side. I would love to go for a ride, coffee or even a playdate? If you are interested send me a personal message (PM) and hopefully we will see you on a ride someday soon.
  13. Hey, how have you been?

    Dam, sorry to hear about your bike : ( What are you looking at getting now?

    When you get your new set of wheels, we (you & your hubby & me & my hubby) should go for a ride?
  14. Hi Kell, I'm totally devastated about the loss of my bike. We are still trying to organise some sort of finance so I can get another one. Hopefully shouldnt be too many more weeks to wait. I've been riding pillion since and hate it!!! Have paid a deposit on another bike (Virago 1100, perfect condition) so am hoping everything works out ok soon. I am so miserable without a bike! Definately the four of us will go for a ride when I get mine sorted out. Please keep in touch, I will post when I finally get my new wheels. Thanks for thinking about me!