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New ZZR250 - with problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. aV1uYpT0.



    Got it for $2000 off ebay its got 33000ks on it, has some scratches on the fairing but not too bad for a first bike.

    But i cant get it going, when i got it home it started after a few tries, then i stalled it and it wont start again, the engine turns over but nothing more, it also has a very strong smell of fuel coming off it, even 4 hours later?? any idea what this is? its going for a service and checkup tomorrow but i would like to ride it there if possible :p

    thanks for any help. also i dont know if this is a new bike thread or troubleshooting -.-
  2. clean the carbs...

    the fuel smell might be a result of leaving the fuel tap open.

    thats my 2cents, good luck.
  3. The fuel tap on the zzr250's are vacuum operated. One of the hoses might be blocked or have a kink in it. Try turning the fuel tap to the PRI position and then start it.
  4. Wrong section.
    MMM strong fuel smell? are you sure, get in really close and see if you can see any leaking out, get a match too, they are small so you can get it right up in where you think the fuel smell is coming from.

    Ohh and you could try turning the kill switch off too.. :wink:
  5. Check position of:

    - Fuel tap.
    - Kill switch.
    - Choke.
  6. An open flame? with potential fuel??? Isn't a small torch safer? :shock:
  7. methinks you missed a joke blacknblue. :-k
  8. the fuel SMELL turned out to be a fuel LEAK :p the guy i took it to said the carbys might be full of shit and holding the thingys open or something.
    i get it back tomorrow morning :D

    thanks for all the suggestions, next time it breaks ill have a go at fixing it myself, right now i just want to ride it haha
  9. lol i dont appreciate you trying to explode my new toy
  10. Oh .. Ok .. methinks I did too :oops:
    sorry for the 'blonde' moment :grin:
  11. does anyone happen to have a service manual for the zzr?
  12. i have another problem. my indicators dont flash they just stay on constantly, they only started doing this after it was at the mechanics so i could get them to fix it but i was wondering if its just something easy to fix like a loose wire somewhere. also while in town today when i came back to my bike i noticed the brake light and number plate lights were on, i flicked the lights a few times but they didnt go off, is this a related problem??
  13. heh, fixed it, nevermind :)