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New ZZ-R

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Joff, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Just taken my new ZZ-R 250 round the block a few times (no insurance yet!) and damn is it fun!

    Still getting use to everything as I've only ridden twice, forgetting to indicate is my major prob, not to mention I downgeared without the clutch once - damn that was stupid!

    Just curious, what should the bike idle at once its warm and no choke on?
  2. mine idles around 1300.. i don't have insurance either but that hasn't stopped me riding for the last couple of months. hmmm :roll:

    have fun they're a great ride :)
  3. i do plan too, though i'm a little slow in getting my act together. i hope it's not more than $200 or i'll be even less motivated to get around to it.
  4. 1500.

    Don't worry about clutchless downshifting. She can handle it :)

    Enjoy mate!
  5. 3rd party, not comp. :roll:
  6. I paid 120 for 3rd Party.. pity my 3rd party for my car just expired and i ran up the ass of someone :evil: Quote 1 = 1,800
  7. Mate GET INSURANCE. I paid $250 full comp for my 2001 zzr through western qbe. I am a rating 1 car driver so that helps with insurance as well. also try swann insurance. and bike should idle around 1100-1200 rpm. and clutches are on the bike for a reason. :) stay safe out there..
  8. Yep, just ring up someone tonight and get a cover note at least, then you get 2 weeks to decide which company to use.
  9. I've got full comp insurance on my bike but I'm dropping it to 3rd party property.

    Ring the insurance company right now and do it, you'll be covered from the second you hang up the phone.
  10. the insurance on my 250 was like $90, common guys