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New Zealand. What's not to be missed on a biking holiday!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Edit:
    I've since changed this thread to highlight any recommendations that people have for NZ. What are the must see's? What shouldn't be missed!

    Original post:
    Apart from using Get Routed, has anyone shipped their bike to New Zealand by another agent (or on their own)?

    I'm planning a trip for the end of the year and I know that Get Routed are the main guys for doing this, but I also want to check other options (air/ sea/ agents, that sort of thing).

    Any experience you've had would be greatly received. :)

  2. Re: Help with Shipping to New Zealand...

    Why would you try doing it on your own, when Get Routed can do it all...and do it so well??
    I used them to get my bike to New Zealand, and they did a great job.
    Customs, quarantine and RWC and temp. rego are all done for you with Get Routed....
    My 2c :)
  3. There ya go, how often does a guy wish that a female, in this case twingirl tell you to get routed.

    I say get routed also.


    pssst they are good so everyone tells me.
  4. After just completing a 4 week tour of NZ by car (family), I couldn't help but notice the lack of motorcycles on the roads. Apart from a few touring groups (especially on the south island) the amount of local riders on the roads was very low. I'm not sure why, as the roads are brilliant, although be VERY careful if it has been raining as 100mm in a day is nothing in some parts of the south island. Petrol was $1.55.9 for unleaded and $1.60.9 for 95 octane premium with prices exactly the same in all major towns and only really rising in the remote parts of the south island.
  5. any shipping agent can move your bike but all of the other things that the gorgeous twingirl mentioned you will have to do yourself.
    Q is is it worth the hassle?
  6. Thanks Guys, Get Routed were top of my list but I was just looking for other experiences, if anyone had some, before I went ahead and booked (I like to keep my options open and also wanted to have a back up in case the worst happens with Get Routed - seems like the back up will be air freight at nearly $2000 each way :shock: ).

    Thanks for the info talon and twingirl, much appreciated. :)

    I have since booked with Get Routed and will be in NZ between 19/12 and 25/01 (well, the bike will, but I'll be there a little longer).
    This puts me Christmas somewhere toward the middle of the North Island and New Year somewhere above Hobart (going by present rough plans).

    Can't wait!

    We're now busy planning the rest of the trip. Any must see's that anyone would like to share?
  7. I've recently returned from the North Island of NZ and picked up my mandatory copy of Kiwi Rider; March issue. I noticed that there was a Boxing Day street race in Wanganui in which some Aussies competed (including Robbie Bugden). This looks as if it would be worth a peek.
    I have driven the road from Auckland to Coramandel via Thames on a few occasions and it is very much a bike road. Beyond that towards Whitianga is another mind blistering road as you cross the mountain range. Fortunately, I got to punt a Pinafarina Peugot through that section. I was very impressed having only a few weeks before been Lapping the Map of Tasmania.
    Another fine peice of road is the route to Auckland via Miranda with some spectacular views of the Coramandel Peninsula.
    On my last visit, I drove up to the Bay of Islands and returned via the West Coast and Dargaville. Simply awesome.
    On the trip before that I popped into the Ducati shop in Hamilton and asked directions to Lake Taupo. They gave me instructions to follow a back road beside an amazing river.
    I'm saving the best for last. The South Island. But, I've got to say I've found some pretty awesome roads on the North Island.

    If you get the opportunity it is well worth checking the larger motorcycle shops as they have a lot of European brand accessories that we don't seem to have in Oz.
  8. If I had to choice between Isles for a bike holiday - I'd take the South.
    Great roads, scenery is spectacular & fewer busy cities.
    Three weeks touring that alone wasn't enough - so depends on your time frame :)
  9. WOW! New Zealand huh? Where do I begin? I rode around it for 5 weeks and had an absolute blast!

    The south Island is better for riding. Great views, huge mountain passes, and less traffic.
    On the North Island, you must ride around the Coromandel peninsula..WOW
    If you have time, ride up to the bay of islands and ride around to Russel. SPECTACULAR
    On the South Island, you must ride over to both sides and cross Arthurs pass, Hass (?) pass and Lewis pass, they are all amazing!
    You must ride over the crown range road into Queenstown, it is breathtaking!

    And most of all, enjoy yourself!!

    Then post up all about it for us here to drool over!
    Roarin has also ridden NZ and he will have some great tips for you too!

    PS The roads over there are more abrasive, so go with new tyres. We rode 7,700kms in 5 weeks!
  10. I guess that means you're starting out in Christchurch then? B#gger me, where does one start.
    As Twingirl stated -Arthurs pass is a really good ride.
    Head out to Akaroa.
    Greymouth up to Westport is great.
    Westport to Karamea is friggen brilliant. And the best bit is it's a dead end so you have to turn round & do it all again :LOL:
    Westport out to Murchison & back is just sensational
    The road between Franz & Fox glaciers is out of this world. I did it about 3 times.
    I will dig up my map if you like & post up some more "must not be missed roads" but I will try to remember the best bits off the top of my head.
    The Milford sound road. No petrol at Milford sound so you have to behave a bit cause its 240kms return.
    Can't remember exactly what town the good stuff starts but from Bluff head for the road through the Catlins.
    The road through the Kaikouras up to Picton is outstanding
    From Picton head over Queen Charlotte pass to Nelson, then up over ???? hill. Can't remember the name but any bike shop in Nelson will be able to tell you :LOL: :LOL:
    A word of warning -watch out for the camper vans. The bl00dy things are everywhere along the West coast & the closing velocity between a well ridden sport bike and a dawdling campervan is enough to widen ones eyes & tighten certain muscles in ones nether regions in an instant :wink:

    North Island.
    As everyone else has said -do not miss the Corromandel Peninsula. Whiritoa hill still rates as about the best bike road I have ridden. Ever. I would start in Waihi, up to Whangamata then do the Kopu/Hikawai road. Absolutely awesome. Head around the peninsula in a clockwise direction.
    I'll have to find that map to let you know exact towns etc. Cheers
  11. Cheers Twingirl & Roarin (and everyone else :grin: ), that's just the stuff I need.

    ... perhaps the question would have been better put as "What's NOT worth doing?" :LOL:
    I went out and bought a few north and south island maps, two to scribble on and the others to gaze at with a meaningful, contemplative look on my face. I also bought a hi-lighter, an A4 pad and a new pencil, just so I looked really professional. A NZ guide and the NZ motorcycling atlas followed soon after, as there were still a couple of blank spaces on the floor.

    From Christchurch, we are heading pretty much straight to the North Island and have booked accommodation in a nice cottage near Napier over Christmas and we're planning on seeing the New Year in at Auckland.
    After New Year, we'll be gradually heading south and are currently looking at flights over (and on to) the Glaciers, together with the required visits to the various Sounds and other points of interest. I'm a huge fan of Scotland (it is my favourite place in the world, both for scenery and riding), so I am expecting a lot from the South Island. This is the part of the trip I am most looking forward to.
    My aim is to take the two passes either side of Christchurch in a loop (or two) over the last few days of our trip.

    Exact routes I'm still working on, although looking at the maps and listening to other peoples reports I'm going to struggle to find a bad one!

    (Just one thing to add. Alison suffers from vertigo :shock: We're hoping hypnosis will sort that out, otherwise she can wait in Christchurch and I'll pick her up on the way back :LOL: )

    Cheers guys.
  12. Just came back from the IOM TT and used Dave at get routed. All we had to do was turn up,sign a couple of docs and away we went. Hassle free riding and the bikes turn up as dave promises.
    Im originally from Christchurch and did all my riding in south island and attend most of the rallies they have each year inc the big one "the brass monkey".
    The south island is living proof that god rides a motorcycle!! :grin: Hope to get back next year to take the missus over for a look but weve been spoilt by the IOM so not sure now. We wanna go back to the IOM in 09.



  13. It's been a while, but I can recall some highlights being Haas Pass, Arthurs Pass, the roads around Wanaka and north along the coast from Greymouth.
    Watch out for the stupid bloody bridges that have a railway line running down the middle of them - overlapping the traffic lanes!
    And the goddamn sandflies!
  14. hell yeah, I spent most of my teenage years including my early riding years in Hokitika so im hearin ya. Railway bridges are easy. just stay on the side that ya dont have to cros the lines when ya exit if at all possible.
    Sandflies...minature lancaster bombers.......bastards of things!!! Dont forget the driving rain either.......
  15. check out the strange road rules on who gives way at junctions. i kept almost running into people.

    also over there it's costomery to pull over to the left a little to help any faster vechile over take thats comming up behind you.

    i'm shore you'll get plenty of advice on the junction give ways before. i never understood it. i just stoped and gave way to every one if i was turning left or right.