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New Zealand: the mostest freest country in the world

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by коннор, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Let's start with a quote from an artictle:

    New Zealand came out on top, followed by the Netherlands then Hong Kong. Australia had to share fourth place (with Ireland and Canada), while the Land Of The Free USA only managed seventh :p.

  2. Suprising considering their fairly recent completely breaking the law....alot in the Kim Dotcom case.
  3. I was just going to mention that exact case. Not good for freedom, not at all.
  4. I'm surprised the USA is even in the top 10. Canada and Australian have passed some pretty shit laws lately in parts of the country as well.
  5. But they still talk funny...
  6. I'm surprised Netherlands didn't come first. The female judging must have cracked it at all the prostitutes in Amsterdam.
  7. That said, it seems many don't include the choice to smoke in public areas as a 'freedom'.
  8. prostitution is legal in NZ
  9. not quite the same thing.
  10. Yeah as Joe Rogan described in his recent podcast with Bas Rutten: "We talk about whore houses here, Amsterdam has the red light district. They have whore neighbourhoods.
  11. True dat
  12. It does spoil the effect of freedom when someone else decides what freedoms they allow and what freedoms they don't allow.
  13. I lived in New Zealand for 6 years, all I can say is thank fark I was free to leave and NEVER go back
  14. no we don't.
  15. Yus yuu do.

  16. As an OT, but still serious question, what is the general attitude to smokers in NZ?

    My wife and I have been thinking of going for a holiday, but, if we are likely to be treated like lepers, as happens in Oz, stuff it, we'll stay home.
  17. you all sound funny too.
  18. Australians don't have an accent. The rest of the world does.
  19. And the freedom - nay the right - to breathe clean air in public places?

    BTW I'm an ex-smoker - 13 years now. When I did smoke I thought I was considerate of non-smokers, but in reality that's not always possible.
  20. As those diesel cars and trucks rumble by :) (I don't smoke, never have)