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New Zealand - Motorhome? And places?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hi, we're going to do a couple weeks tour of New Zealand. Sadly it's going to have to be by motorhome (or hotels) as my gf doesn't trust motorbike touring (she let her mbike learners lapse anyway and don't have 2 bikes at present). Just wondering if people who know (or educated think) that 2 weeks could be done via a motorhome? Just trying to think of it being practical (and safe) to do a trip of NZ, most probably both islands, not sure yet exactly.

    Also, do people have any recommendations of places/(one island being great to be at for 2 weeks 'only'?)

    *edit* After some talking, we're more likely to do South Island only now... :)
  2. Hi ya, I'm from NZ ... distances are not huge compared to OZ ... you can travel anywhere within an individual island (north or south) within a day ... motorhome is a great way of doing it ... bikes would be better ... there's lots of camping grounds ... fuel stops not a concern ...

    It depends on how you like to travel ... relaxed or on pace ... a week in each island would not be relaxed ... probably to a timetable and a list of places rather than taking things as they come ...

    There’s some great tour operators and are worth the money for the boat or helicopter trips to the sounds, glaciers, sites, etc ... plan and book in advance and also how you are going to get from one island to the other.

    Places to see ... Queenstown would be my favourite place (in autumn) ... Milford sound, Fox Glacier, Rotorua, Napier, the beaches up north ... I could go on ...

  3. +1 to what Mike said.

    We (family - wife and son) did South Island a couple of years ago, advise we were given was:
    1) get the biggest motorhome you can; mainly so that you can actually live in it if you need to rather than just sleep
    2) take your time; we took 10 days around South Island and still found we rushed it

    Certainly NZ is set up for vans and tourists, the caravan parks were excellent. I still remembering thinking that the whole island was almost like a theme park; ie everything that you did costed something - plan well, otherwise the costs will run out real quick :p
  4. Thanks for the tips guys! :) Definitely looking like we'll do South Island for this trip. Mainly because my gf who asked at her work was told South Island is best if you want to compare islands for touring.

    We've picked an the motorhome that sleeps comfortably, has a shower, microwave (which apparently only works if vehicle is connected to mains? *poo to that unless we go to caravan parks 'just' for the power if we're able to park off road fairly easy each/most nights)

    I'm glad I will be able to spend lots of time researching on where to go/booking things and the like. Looks like I will be needing a fair bit of time for working out loosely where we want to go/see etc.

    Once again, thanks for any + all replies. :grin: Also, it's going to be a honeymoon as well. Never ever thought I'd ever be going on one (Always said I never wanted to get married. Same with my partner actually. Anywayl, after 7 years of being together, it felt right for both of us to get married)
  5. Did Sth Island March last year.

    In and out of Christchurch. Six days and nowhere near enough time. Two weeks would be nice, you shoudl be able to drive around the whole Island

    Drove down the middle, stayed a few nights in Queenstown with the intention of flying to Milford Sound - weather too bad for two days so no could do. It actually snowed coming back :shock:

    You could easily spend four days in Queenstown, plenty to do.

    We didn't get to Dunedin, or do the east coast glaciers. But the west coast was nice and you gotta check out Oamaru - the penguins coming back on dusk each night is pretty cool.

    Also Hamner Springs - make sure you do the quadbikes or they have an awesome Mad Max buggy.

    Here's tour of the Sth Island taking 20 days :shock:


    Somewhere in there's a buggy...

  6. +1 for the South Island

    You can travel alot of distance in 2 weeks, but make sure you stop 'and smell the roses' as there's some wonderful scenery to behold :)
  7. Yep. south island
  8. Hey Undii, can't say much for NZ cause I have never been there (but plan to)
    You might wanna check out this link for motorhome hire They also have relocation deals. Have a great trip :)
  9. Ta for the link. Might as well state this now to stop others (searching?) and telling us of good places for motorhomes. We have $1K of redemption vouchers to use on 2 specific places for choosing the motorhome. So we'll be using those for sure.

    It's exciting researching on all the fun places to visit. I'm glad we didn't leave this to do as a last minute thing, I'd go nuts trying to find the best places for our time schedule! If only Emma could get a month/s off paid holidays from work, that'd make it easier :grin: